Prisoners Of Trauma

Roy Masters

A selfish man’s weakness draws to him what sucks him to death, and that, he perceives in his deluded mind as loving and being loved. Man is born in sin, and sin is trauma, a fail­ing of every father’s, transmitted through every mother since Eve.


The spirit of trauma is a dictator. It dictates what you eat, drink, who will be your mate, the good and evil in your life, how you think and feel about anything; and you can be as sure as hell that every “choice” will be dead wrong, drawing you through a swath of spiraling tragedies ever closer to hell, and the spirit of trauma blinds you to real­ity and never allows you to see the face of truth.


We are all prisoners of trauma (sin), and even though we may come to know what is right (through guilt) and may try to resist wrongdoing, we really cannot do so with our whole being. Resolutions fail, lust is master; wrong is what our souls lust.

The natural man born of trauma cannot exist long apart from the trauma that created him. The spirit of trauma within us cannot tolerate peace; it therefore is bound to create intrigue to grow from.

The altered man can no longer act out of natural motivation, even if he understands what is natural. We need the tease and cruel pressure to grow. Pride evolves out of trauma, and trauma is sin.

Pride cannot survive apart from a trauma source, and so the alien self within draws you to intrigue and problems for its own evolution’s sake; and that is why you are afraid to give up the “life” of sin, for sin is the life of the fallen self.

And this self goes on to seek out its trauma source to com­plete the self born of sin. Sin (false love or real hate) creates hunger, and hunger, once serviced and gratified by the trauma source, is the fulfillment of pride, the pleasure of which is the only happiness the earthbound man can know.

Creating needs through tease and servicing need, thereby re-creating sin-need again, begets an endless hunger, an infernal “love” affair.

Since trauma is both escape and denial of reality, man sees only love where betrayal lurks.

The love of food and sex betrays him and breeds the sin, or trauma, of hate and love-hate. They are the life of pride, but such a life leads to spiritual and physical decay.

"We are all prisoners of trauma (sin), and even though we may come to know what is right (through guilt) and may try to resist wrongdoing, we really cannot do so with our whole being. "

If man is to survive the hell he has created for himself through women, he must come to realize that the greater part of his sex drive is unnatural. Mostly, lust is awakened in, and derives from, the need for ego reassurance, and that need is from a trauma/sin source which his need makes the woman be.

The thought of woman itself represents rejec­tion of God and makes woman, in a glance, the reinforcing power over, and of, his trauma or sin.

The inclination of his soul being toward the woman is what draws the image to mind, forcing her into an unnatural role, into which the ambi­tious soul of man falls to solace itself.

The trauma/sin of rejecting God to be God (sin) originated through the mind, or imagination. Sin, up to this present time, is perpetuated through being called to mind.

Male sexuality is mostly the gross symptom of a failing need—a spiritual weakness—a need to be loved (glorified) for that failing; for example, if you resent someone, that is a sin. It is the sin of unfor­giveness and judgment.

Every time you think of a hurt, recalling it compulsively to mind, you become resentful or judgmental, again and again—so that the sin of sustained hate becomes judgment, and judgment is pride, and pride is sin; and to sin is to fall to experience sensual awaken­ing.

Furthermore, the guilt of judgment is amplified and kept alive, as pride, through resentment, even though that person is not present or is no longer alive.

In this way does a man’s ego become pridefully addicted to hating to keep the judgmental self-righteousness alive. So it is with the pride of man—”loving,” dreaming, and drooling, as he does, about food and sex.

Whosoever holds a love-hate thought in his mind has already recom­mitted and reinforced the sin of pride, and that causes the falling into sensuality.