"Fatal Political Correctness"

When Roy Masters was a young man he raised a question that eventually lead to some very magical discoveries. The question: "How did Hitler do that to a whole country?"

By the end of the talk it will become a lot clearer how Hitler controlled and we're out of control.

Roy's search for answers has certainly worked for him. It's a shocking thing for most when Roy says, "I don't know how to get angry." An experience, not many share.

We live in a country where we are motivated by our media. How did we get this way? Being politically correct is now an infection.

It's pretty clear Roy is onto something when he says, "You have to learn not to flinch." He also talks about holding your ground, and finding "moment to moment fearlessness."

Whether in your personal relationships or public ones, he tells us that real freedom comes from "overcoming what has overcome you."

Learn how to deal with stress with Roy's free 7-Minute exercise on www.AntidoteForAll.com Please pass it forward, especially to our military. We thank our military for their service.

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