How to Survive in an Evil World

The Foundation of Human Understanding's founder, Roy Masters, offers so many insights in how to prevail over evil you're going to want to listen to this particular Sunday Conversation more than once. The clues are here. You're introduced to a perspective on life that will allow you to notice things; like the person in your life that is "compensatingly kind." You'll realize the benefit in understanding a little more about "so-sweet" sociopaths and "eat-your-liver" psychopaths. You'll hear in very practical terms how "you can learn more from your enemies than your friends." Roy talks about the difference between faith and trust; how not to be fooled by an angry face or a sweet face; and how to correct problems before they even begin by asking the question, "Why am I doing this?" The couple from New York, who attended the previous Sunday, returns again this week. As you will see, those who yearn for the truth bring out the best in Roy. And finally, many of you will appreciate the subtle point Roy makes regarding the betrayal of a kiss.

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