Perilous World Radio 06/24/21

Hour 1 - David is joined once again by Mike Jones on today’s show. They talk about how the left is manufacturing news and anger. They talk about how politicians are flip-flopping on their stance on needing to show ID in order to vote and they are acting like it was their original position all along. They play a clip from comedian JP Sears who talks about how Victoria Secret will no longer be selling clothes that men find the most attractive, even though most lingerie is bought by women who want to be more attractive to men.   

Hour 2 - David and Mike talk about how CDC admits that the covid vaccine has ‘likely caused’ heart inflammation in teens. They talk about how the company Google was funding research on gain of function viruses. They discuss how some churches are making changes and trying to keep from being “cancelled” and how it is a Trojan horse and will result in the church’s downfall in the end. David reminds listeners that you can find the Sunday Conversation, this show, and more on our new app, FHU Vision. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at


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