Perilous World Radio 06/13/22

Dianne Masters hosts Perilous World Radio with her business partner, Pamela, who Dianne met at her father’s retreat and mentored for over 40 years helping her to overcome a traumatic childhood. Dianne discusses how to identify evil in people, even when they are unaware. Dianne shares some of the lessons Roy taught her as a female and how to deal with sensitivities and the cruel words spoken by others. 


It’s also Patriot Outreach Monday which means it’s time for our Battlefront segment. Col. Tony Monaco is joined by Pastor DePue, who served the past twelve years as the Pastor to the Kansas political elite, the Governors, Senators, Legislators, and their Congressmen. They address the importance of developing relationships in hard times, and taking back our corrupt educational system with homeschooling pods and group schooling. Dianne says that in light of the current political chaos, we are at least grateful that Covid brought much of the evils to the surface.


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