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The ancients used the term "faith" for what we call common sense. It is common sense which acts as the wordless communication that Christians learn to follow and trust. Seeing by the light of common sense is like rightly hearing and understanding the silent word of God and doing it. There is no book or manual to teach a common sense approach to Christianity. It is a gift to every true seeker of the right way.

Purchase Individual Programs below for $20 for CD or Tape or $10 for Download

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Common Sense Christianity Vol 1 - Tape Pack   CD Pack
Purchase Individual Programs:
The Secret Power of Values - CD or Tape   Download
Origin and Destiny - CD or Tape   Download
What it Means to Be Saved - CD or Tape   Download

Common Sense Christianity Vol 2 - Tape Pack   CD Pack
Purchase Individual Programs:
What Does a Woman Really Want - CD or Tape   Download
Mystery of Love Through Faith - CD or Tape   Download
The Lords Prayer - CD or Tape   Download

Common Sense Christianity Vol 3 - Tape Pack   CD Pack
Purchase Individual Programs:
Judge Not Lest You Be Judged - CD or Tape   Download
None Come To The Father Except By Me - CD or Tape   Download
Overcoming Evil With Good - CD or Tape   Download

Love and Hate / Love of Pleasure - CD or Tape   Download
The Decline of Morality / When a Man Loves a Woman - Tape only   Download

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