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Do you find yourself fretting over the one percent of a situation that is beyond your control while overlooking the ninety-nine percent that is? For most, stress in some form is the main problem affecting the quality of your life. Sadly, as long as you see stress as an externally based problem, you will never know that it is the way in which you allow it to affect you that is the real reason you are exhausted, over-reactive, irritable, and often overwhelmed!

Most stress related issues stem from a lack of understanding about why stress affects us so negatively. Are you ready for an insight that will forever change the way you relate to every kind of stress? Here is the most important clue: Once you react improperly to stress in any form it begins to control you. How?

The key factor behind why we succumb to stress has mainly to do with one very significant emotion: "resentment.” When resentment irritation, or anger are the underlying emotions that stimulate your reactions to stress, you become primed to fall into a trap that leaves you in a counter-intuitive state of mind.

The secret of total mastery over stress is actually very simple: If you will mentally and emotionally step back for just a split second and observe your response to any form of stress, the possibility of shifting the polarity from negative to positive exists in that very moment.

Sadly, without understanding what stress actually is, there is no way you can begin to properly remedy what it does to us. We typically attempt to do whatever it takes to cope. We medicate ourselves or escape into various activities in order to avoid facing the painful truth that shows itself as anxiety, depression, and countless uncomfortable feelings.

Escape, however, only temporarily diverts us from struggling with stress and sets us on a course that leads to progressively much worse conditions. The definition of disease taken from the Random House Unabridged Dictionary includes these as synonyms: “morbidity, complaint, derangement, distemper, indisposition, infirmity, disorder, and malady.” These synonyms show that disease is just that, dis-ease. When the mind is in a morbid state and the attitude is full of conflict, disease is born.

This is the unseen result of being infected by ubiquitous but undetected negative energy. Having been affected to a certain degree our entire lives, it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed and become ill. These many conditions are what have been termed “the effects of stress.” Some people thrive on being angry, upset and irritated because there is energy that comes from those emotions. But this energy is from the wrong source.

Deriving the energy to function from the wrong source creates a negative counter-self. It is a fact that once you have become upset, you lose a portion of your original, authentic identity and become an extension of whatever, or whoever upsets you. At this point, there is a lingering, residual imprint of the experience and it typically carries with it some degree of anxiety. There is also a sense that something precious has been lost – the ability to be at peace because you have become the effect of an external cause.

All of my discussions will help you see more clearly and enhance your own innate ability to stop being the effect of a cause, and empower you to become aware of a new “objective” way to view all challenge and pressure.

Advice Line Radio Programs Hosted by David Masters

May 19, 2011Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6550 hour 1
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Host: David Masters
David talks about the culture of self mutilation.
Calls: BulletAnthony is struggling with compulsions and addictions.
K6551 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletRichard has a problem making decisions. BulletDavid did the meditation with Cora. BulletJoanne needs help getting over betrayal.

April 19, 2011Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6512 hour 1
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletAnna says the bad part of her is dying but she is not sure how to handle the strange feeling she has. BulletBrian is hearing angry and controlling voices and wonders why.
K6513 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletBrian call continued. BulletMartha needs help on interpreting a dread she had. BulletRoger's girl friend has him under a spell so he can't get free --help! BulletKeith bit down hard on his lower teeth and broke them a few years ago. BulletCornell asks how to disconnect from the anger and aggression in his workplace. BulletTony needs a dream about fallen angels interpreted.

August 26, 2010 Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6253 hour 1
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Host: David Masters    
Calls: BulletPatricia tends to cry a lot and get emotional over nothing -- out of control. BulletBarbara needs help with a dilemma she has with her daughter.
K6254 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletCurtiss wants to know how to make someone good. BulletCarl comes off good to everyone but he is not. BulletJake thinks you must know someone for a long time to find out their true nature.

April 28, 2010 - Losing Faith Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6110 hour 1
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Host: David Masters - David discusses Losing Faith and Barbara Bush's new book.
Calls: BulletToin calling from Hamburg, Germany, is having a problem with depression and no sense of direction. BulletKelli is having a hard time standing up for herself.
K6111 hour 2
Order CD Button
Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletKelli continued. BulletMichelle is depressed because she just broke up with boyfriend. BulletDave needs to learn to forgive those who caused him to lose faith.

April 26, 2010 - Dealing with Bullies Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6108 hour 1
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Host: David Masters 
Calls: BulletBrian's wife used to bully him. They are separated now and he wants to know how to deal with her.
K6109 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletRaymond's oldest brother is a bully and he needs help. BulletJanet was at Roy's seminar in Las Vegas and she really liked it. BulletDavid wants to know how to deal with working in an environment with lots of toxic people. BulletSteve was at Roy's seminar and was really helped with the meditation. BulletDan would like to elaborate on the word "selfish"

April 23, 2010 - The End of Days -- Are they Here? Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6106 hour 1
Order CD Button
Host: David Masters  David discusses "The End of Days -- Are they Here?"
Calls: BulletPatricia needs help because she is having trouble with resentment.
K6107 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Continuation of first hour.

April 16, 2010 - Life After Death - Embracing the Idea of God Download Program Button2 hrs-$10
K6097 hour 1
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Host: David Masters 
David discusses "designaphobia" or your failure to understand what God created you for. You are more afraid of facing the truth about yourself, than the pain and consequences of not facing the truth about yourself.
K6098 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Continuation of first hour.

April 8, 2010 - Is There Hell?  Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6086 hour 1
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Host: David Masters
David talks about -- Personal growth and the nature of your existence. Is there such a thing as Hell? The purpose of life is to appreciate the gift you have been given.
K6087 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletMarsha says she needs to learn how to stand up for herself.

March 12, 2010 - Near Death Experiences   Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6055 hour 1
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Host: David Masters
David discusses and plays audio from people who have had near death experiences. Listen to their spellbinding stories.
K6056 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Continuation of first hour.

February 26, 2010 - Dreams   Download Program Buttonboth hours for $10
K6040 hour 1
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletMark asks what is David's take on lucid dreaming. BulletMartha asks, "Could you tell me what it means to be in the world but not of it?" BulletAlexis asks, "Could you tell me why I have astral projection dreams?"
K6041 hour 2
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Host: David Masters
Calls: BulletMel says he has had dreams that have given him a glimpse into the future. BulletMike wishes to relate an angelic dream he had. BulletPat asks, "Could you interpret a strange dream I had?" BulletLinda says she needs help on how not to repeat mistakes. BulletDaniel says he had a dream about the crucifixion.

Meditation and the Process of Salvation
Order CD or Tape  Download
(Edited version of Advice Line Radio program K5071 & K5072 from 2/5/08)

This just may well be the perfect companion to the “Be Still and Know” Meditation.
The Perfect Product if:
• You are just getting started with the meditation.
• You have been using the meditation for a long time and you are looking for more
understanding of the process.
• You want to introduce friends and family to the Exercise and the Foundation, but you don’t know quite how to present it.

A 101 Course Introduction to the FHU with such warmth and depth you will want to listen many times.

David Masters is a Visual Thinker…with a gift of using stories to illustrate his points.
You will never forget how he responds when he discovers his son talking to himself.
Find out if you are practicing “self-sabotage or self-observation.”
David Masters Lectures:

Look at the Effect: It will Reveal the Cause
Sunday Conversation 12/12/10
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Anger: The Core of Misery

Sunday Conversation 5/2/10
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Transformation Now: Yes or No?
Sunday Conversation 4/25/10
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Revealed: Why God Doesn't Intervene
Sunday Conversation 5/3/09
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Life: The End Is the Purpose of the Journey
Sunday Conversation 4/26/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

Now is Forever
The Power of Being Fully Present - Part 2
Sunday Conversation 3/29/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

The Power of Being Fully Present - Part 1
Sunday Conversation 3/29/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

All You Need to Know
Sunday Conversation 3/22/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

The Target is Your Mind: Neutralize the Enemy
Sunday Conversation 3/15/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

The Key to True Strength: Seeing Your Weakness
Sunday Conversation 3/8/09
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Life: How Simple It Can Really Be
Sunday Conversation 2/8/09
Order DVD  CD   Download

Understanding Why You're In A Rut
Sunday Conversation 12/30/07
Order CD/Tape  Download

Life is Magic: You're in the Way of Seeing It
Sunday Conversation 9/9/07
Order CD/Tape  Download

Are You Ready to "Know" the Truth?
Sunday Conversation 7/22/07
Order CD/Tape   Download

What is Happiness?
Sunday Lecture on 10/2/06
Order  CD/Tape   Download

Who Are You? 
Lecture recorded in 2005
Order CD/Tape  Download

Love, Don't Hate, Your Stress
Lecture on 6/5/05 
Order CD/Tape  Download

Escaping the Mental Matrix 
Lecture on 1/18/04
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Preview Audio

How to Survive the Medical Matrix 
Sunday Lecture with Roy Masters
& David Masters on 12/28/03
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