Advice Line Radio 05/14/20

Hour 1 – Alan and David talk about how they feel that America is becoming like Nazi Germany because of the continued shutdown of the Country and how some States are increasing restrictions on what people can and can’t do. They talk about an officer who is being fired for speaking out against lockdown orders that he feels violate our Constitutional Rights. They play a voicemail from a caller named Frank. Frank has questions about President Trump draining the swamp.

Hour 2 – Alan and David talk about how we need to think for ourselves more and stand up for what we believe in. People need to get outside more and stop being shut-ins. They talk about how certain people like to act very elitist. They talk about their new Facebook page, Advice Line Radio. They talk about how you can find all of the shows on the new app. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at fhuvisionapp.com


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