Perilous World Radio 12/20/23


Alan Masters hosts today's show, which begins with Alan discussing the different "bibles" friends of different faiths have sent him. The spiritual journey is one that he is beginning to pay more and more attention to. Alan is starting to notice things he has missed, such as the long lineages recorded in the book of Numbers and their significance.

Alan discusses gifts during this Christmas season, including the ones he believes are the most important.

In the second half of the show, Col. Tony Monaco of Patriot Outreach joins us with his guest, Kansas State Representative and Retired U.S. Army Col. Pat Proctor. They discuss "resolutions" for the coming year, including the need to "get out the vote!", as well as getting a handle on our runaway spending, and putting parents back in control of their kids' education.

After that, we go back to the classic archives of Roy Masters to hear his calls, including helping a "gay" man overcome his desires, telling caller "Jane" why the "power" of positive thinking doesn't work, and explaining to another man (who had been molested) what he needed to do to overcome his resulting anger and "people-pleasing" tendencies.

Roy Masters' radio show "Advice Line" aired for some 55 years! You can have access to many of these amazing conversations by getting a Web Subscription. If you have any questions about any of our services or products, feel free to call the FHU office at (800) 866-8883.


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