Winning The War For Your Health

Roy Masters from 'Cure Stress'

Fighting virus and bacteriological warfare requires you to have all your ducks in a row.

What I mean is that you must be spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically fine tuned. It is all very well to eat sensibly, take your vitamins and all that good stuff, but if you are emotionally upset all the time, your immune system is undermined and compromised by the enemy.

If the secret cause that allows for disease is not detected and remedied, the positive value of your food and that healthier lifestyle is diminished.

I have a saying, “live longer, become wronger,” which means that if you are overreacting and losing control over your life, you have allowed an enemy into your camp, thus undermining your war effort, so to speak.

Your emotional reactions to stress allow the enemy to penetrate your defenses on a spiritual, psychological and emotional level. And if you

were fighting a real war with a visible enemy, you would, as a good commander-in-chief, pay much attention to internal


But do we look inwardly? And even if we do look inside and understand what our problem is, we may overreact and become overly focused, distracted and dangerously absorbed there.

However, if we have the proper insight and resolve, we will inherit the natural power to fight a unified war on all fronts and win. The first enemy you must deal with is your own private demon.

The enemy has gotten inside, and like the Trojan horse, will open the gates of the city to your enemy. I know it is difficult to look at the enemy within and see what a fool you have been, especially if it’s in the guise of “love and friendship.”

"If we have the proper insight and resolve, we will inherit the natural power to fight a unified war on all fronts and win"

The chances are that the very fact that you are sick in the first place could mean that your enemy has already penetrated your defenses on a spiritual, psychological, and/or emotional level and has compromised your immune system.

Yes, of course you need doctors to help treat the symptom, but you must not put all your faith in medicine: do not make doctors your God.

Putting all your faith in doctors will unbalance your faith in God and reset the stage for your next suffering. By allowing the doctor to release you from your responsibility for your own suffering, you set him up to fail.

In this way you unconsciously cause the cure to become the sickness. In a sense, you have made an enemy out of what might have been a friend.

By misusing the doctor’s services, you begin to rely on the medicine rather than on strengthening your own immune defenses.

Even the most well-meaning physician with his most excellent science can be-come your betrayer, not always because he intends to hurt you, but because the doctor himself is subject to the same system to which you are subject, which means that neither one of you understands the real problem.

Your physician’s own training has betrayed him, something he may one day have to face. Many wise doctors realize later in life that medicine is only half of the answer. You see, the entire human race is in the same boat.