Why Corrupt Innocent Children?

Roy Masters

The Method Behind The Madness 

In the morning, your child leaves home for school. Late that night he or she sneaks back in with bloodshot eyes.

Apparently, they did not know how to resist peer pressure. They glare at you in an angry fit of rage as if there was something wrong with you for asking what is wrong with them.

In a twinkling of an eye you have lost your child to the spirit of groupthink, their loyalty is no longer with you.

They have new friends now. Psychiatry has no remedy for such transference of loyalty. 

Crossing the sacred border of the mind through partaking of the forbidden fruit is like crossing the Berlin Wall.

Tempting fate may be an exiting adventure, but once in the realm of the former Soviet dictatorship, they will own you and not let you come home. Marijuana is not all that separates people from God and hence sovereign self-control.

The same happens to anyone who fails in any way to heed his or her conscience. When confronted, we all defend our faults as well as our corruptors. Excuses slowly displace the unfolding of reality.

It’s not just your kids. To save them is to risk insanity. Good intentions literally drive your children towards the enemy, inflaming the anger of donkey-like stubbornness.

What you need to understand is that corruption, and immorality in all its forms, is tantamount to degrees of descent into hypnotic states.

The sole purpose of undermining your children’s values is to take control over their minds and to set them rebelliously against the established order. Their altered minds then become cannon fodder for the one world disorder.

Most mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms fall into this one cause, for which reason psychiatry nearly always fails to help.

Worse, doctors are part of the problem through drug therapy treatment. 

Corruption is actually a reverse heavenly order, the reason behind the fall of all civilizations. All humans need a spiritual master, if not through a good conscience, then by default, a bad one. 

“Those who share common sense values unite in Him.”

At the very moment of a successful seduction, subtle forces begin to act through the victim’s subconscious.

Soon they become change agents intimidating the innocent that they might likewise subject them.

The Svengali dictator is invisible in the beginning — a friend at first and a fiend in the end. Enriched by your child’s impoverishment, they rise to political power with their (and also your) money.

It is like taking candies from babies. Eventually, the mindset of the demoralized evolve into political organizations demanding rights, which of course means you will certainly lose your rights.

Just as soon as they outnumber the decent, their leader legitimizes mob rule to ravage the free.

Observe the chain of command of the underworld drug lord and addict. Addicts see their drug lords-elect as friends in need.

Enslaved multitudes, separated by a plethora of perverse private offerings, unite under one hell. They all belong to the same invisible underworld master, unified in hating good and viewing values with disdain.

Those who see license as freedom really do believe they are free. Unfortunately, they are free only from realizing that they are slaves of sin.

The problem is that most of them are unaware; not insane, but unsane. They can make us go crazy thinking there is something wrong with us for seeing something wrong with them.

The psychological terminology for sin is post-traumatic stress disorder. The correct term ought to be post-hypnotic stress disorder.

A common defense mechanism compels all who sin to defend their bizarre freedoms to their deaths, and perhaps one day, to your demise. If you are not offended by these words, then, regardless of your race, color, or creed, you are one of God’s elect.

Those who share common sense values unite in Him. The demoralized on the other hand, have their upside-down mindset.

Many of these will go to their graves in stubborn loyalty to their sensual lords and masters, enemies of freedom, never again to awaken and come home.

We need something more than what we have been getting from our experts, scholarly psychiatrists, and our preachers.

If you or any members of your family recognize your dilemma from the foregoing, please allow Roy Masters to help you with his special knowledge.