What's Wrong With You? And How You Can Make It Right.

Roy Masters 

The reason why you cannot see what is wrong with you is because of your emotional state. If your intent is pure, you will realize that blinding anger has prevented you from doing what is right and good.

The good are ready and "ripe" for salvation. When anger is seen to be the basis of all your dilemmas you will “get it." It will be as though you were "revived" and have instantaneously learned the entire Bible in a lightning flash.

The reason for this would be that you never were really in agreement with all the emotions and confusions that make all the rest blind to reality.

This blindness renders you incapable of acting out your conscience even though you have one.

On the other hand, if you continue to be angrily blinded by rage, you do so because you are in agreement with its purpose of keeping you from seeing reality. Many are those who have sunk so low that they think that Osama bin Laden is a freedom fighter.

"Americans must come together before it's too late."

This is because the perverseness of their souls is in deep agreement with what he is and what they are becoming. So, having the same nature, they do not see anything wrong with a mass murderer, child killer and rapist.

It is the child molester in the hearts of judges that has sympathy for perpetrators and no mercy for brutalized victims.

The end of time approaches. Radical Islam is Murder, Inc. -- a perfect religious cover for every kind of evil.

From everywhere in the world perverts and masochists are drawn together into an army of evil to fight against those who are good.

They are everywhere…even in America.Beware; evil of every race, color and creed is uniting their forces under the banner of radical Islam.

And alas, the good remain divided in their religions, races, colors and beliefs. Americans must come together before it's too late. Put aside your differences to become once again the light of the world, lest, in default, it will be to your everlasting shame.