What Is Real Love?

Roy Masters From “Adam and Eve Sindrome”

Evil love has no life of its own, so it must live on the life it tempts from others. The warmth men feel in the company of women is the miasma of their own decay. The love they feel is the ecstasy of their soul’s dying.

Men are so egotistical that they take little notice of how their bodies are deteriorating. What matters more than anything else to them is the fleeting illusion of worth, of glowing like a glorious light; but they fail to see that the light is from the spontaneous combustion of their souls.

Like drug addicts who sacrifice their earthly lives to the pusher for a high, men die to women. Man’s wretched essence ascends to woman’s soul as a love sacrifice in exchange for her glorification of him.

Beware of instant acceptance—love at first sight. You tend to believe in such love only because it sustains your willfulness and rebellion against reality. In this rebellion you fall prey to illusion, and evil looks like love.

Transcending this terrible ego love requires so much dedication, such a deep yearning to know and understand our ultimate purpose, that you may fall many times before the sheer pain of falling drives you to seek higher ground.

Until you find Salvation, you cannot resist love’s tyranny. The conniving woman sees your efforts to hang on to some shred of common sense and reason as her mortal enemy.

Deep down she knows that her man has failed her and that her loving has had something to do with the failure of them both. She loathes having to love. All she wants to do now is punish and hurt the man for having fed his life to her ego and making it ugly and wicked.

True love is leavening a baker hid in the flour. It grows and grows until it leavens the whole lump of bread

Whatever it is, wherever it comes from (above or below), love is the mysterious ingredient that a soul needs to be complete—a complete fool or a noble being.

True love is leavening a baker hid in the flour. It grows and grows until it leavens the whole lump of bread, because the baker’s flour

recognizes the leavening agent and responds to it by allowing the spirit of yeast to come in and fill it.

In the same way, your whole being must one day respond to the truth. When you identify intuitively with the truth—you can, you know—you

will be filled with love and joy. It is only because the force is with you that you are able to open up to these words!

Because your destiny leads to truth, false love never works for you as it seems to for other people. It is simply not compatible with your deepest, truest desire.

Dissatisfaction has made you search out there, but the truth within you keeps trying to get your full attention, saying, That’s not it—it’s

nowhere in the world; the world is lying.

Up to now the lie lover has had the power to make you doubt, to bring you down into his realm, to make you seek his acceptance, beg for

his sustaining lies—and just as from the lie, there proceeds a form of enslaving, life-sucking love, so from the truth in your

heart will spring the true life-giving force called love.

This love cannot hurt, nor can it be hurt.