Perilous World Radio 11/20/23

What Is Confidence?

Alan Masters hosts today's episode, and asks a question most believe they know the answer to, but likely don't. He deconstructs the word "confidence," and examines it under the umbrella of "understanding." It all starts in the mind. Where is your "frequency" turned in? Is there a "guard" at the door of your mind? Do you have—as Alan's brother David has often pointed out—a "firewall" for your mind?

In hour 2, Alan expands the discussion, as he speaks of seeing his job as being a "messenger." This leads into a discussion of sleep, and how so many "dive" into sleep to escape from their problems, which can be extremely dangerous. Alan speaks of interviewing many business CEO's, asking them what they do to be able to handle the major stresses of their job. There is a common thread to overcoming stress, and it is found in connecting with something—some ONE—who knows far better than we, how to handle the burdens of this world.


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