Perilous World Radio 11/30/23

What HYPNOSIS Really Is

Dianne Masters hosts today's show. Dianne is the only daughter of Roy Masters, who led the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) for many decades, and who had previously been a successful professional hypnotist. He realized that most people were already hypnotized by the traumas and stresses of daily living. 

In the show, Dianne reveals many insights about both her dad's experiences and her own understanding of hypnosis. She speaks about the connection of anger to hypnosis, and how to become the kind of person who cannot be hypnotized. 

Dianne strongly recommends that viewers and listeners read her father's book, Hypnotic States of Americans, which explains much of what is going on in this country in the present. 

Dianne deals with a number of other (related) issues on today's show, including the importance of strong men and fathers, why God is missing in the lives of many, the advantage of being "simple," the value of country living, and the importance of failure to ultimate success.


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