Perilous World Radio 02/01/24

What Has Your ATTENTION?

Husband and wife team Alan and Jan Masters do it again, packing so much thought-provoking conversation into one show! They recently saw Tucker Carlson interview Russell Brand, and were impressed and amazed at how much Russell has grown as a person. Russell, along with other perhaps unlikely heroes, are stepping forward to be heard. Jan remarks that God chooses imperfect men who are perfect for the job He would have them do. Alan comments that in a sense, it doesn't matter what you have done in your past, only that you wake up. After all, Jesus came for the sinners.

Alan shows off some of the many E-Pamphlets his father, Roy, created, mostly during the 1970s. They are powerful, insightful writings, and are available at Go to the top menu. Just $5 each. Alan also announced that if anyone makes a donation, just call Catherine at the FHU office (800) 877-3227 and let her know which E-Pamphlet you would like.

Alan and Jan discussed another media personality, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and what a positive change he has undergone. He has said that your children want the best relationship with you. If you are not too bitter, it can be the best relationship. If you are bitter, you will hurt your child. Alan remarks that God gave you a person to love, to bring up, and you messed up. It brings pain, but it's a good pain. You can repent, and repair the relationship.

Mega-star Taylor Swift was also discussed today. Jan remarks that the Devil is using her talents for his purposes, just as God can use our talents for His purposes. It appears that with all the attention Taylor Swift is currently getting, she will be used as a mouthpiece for something. The Devil is doing all he can to keep our attention on him, and away from our God and our families.

Sin is a major theme today. Jesus said to the woman caught for adultery, "Go, and sin no more." Alan is taken with this statement, saying Jesus would not make such a statement unless it was possible for us to give up sin! Meditation, as taught by Alan's father, Roy Masters, is a way to bring our attention back to the Spirit, who has the power to deliver us from sin!

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