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The Way to God

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spacerChristians by name only are very, very zealous about their Christian faith. Their guilt makes them hypnotically rigid, lost (as if saved) in this rigidity. What they really have is churchianity. Their church-directed, hypnotic-state programs them to act like Christians. Repeating the nice words of the Savior, they are caught up in those ideas which produce a religious chatter and an illusion of salvation, perpetuated by ritual that post-hypnotically reinforce what the hypno-preachers have established. They know ABOUT the Son, but their growing guilt makes them afraid of meeting HIM in person, and consequently, have to work harder at lighting candles and rubbing beads, to take away the evil spirit of conscience.
spacerAny idea you get caught up in—whether it is Jesus Christ or (forgive me) spaghetti and meatballs—is an idea, a hypnotic fixation that can introduce a new guilt at the very moment it takes your old guilt away. What it saves you from is conscience. Notice the two types of salvation, the two ways of being innocent and justified by the blood. The foolish ego is saved from guilt by another temptation, while the wise soul is saved from temptation so that he is no longer answering to the world. Any noise or excitement can do it—even Truth. Music can produce that same bliss, the relief being so great that you feel a thankful, most grateful, religious feeling toward the musician—savior. Any excitement, pleasant or unpleasant, can do the trick. Even something to hate can make you forget your own guilt.
spacerChristians who are not really Christian all the way through have become self-righteous and self-satisfied. Afraid of losing that "faith" and falling again beyond redemption, they cling to the deception of a salvation. Such as these see my words as a terrible threat. To take away the veil of deception, which to them is a refuge, would bring them back to honest guilt. They would burn in the Light of Heaven as if they were in some kind of hell.
spacerNow another thing. It is easy to cause any person (love object) to love you by thinking love thoughts toward "it." It is easier to do this if "it" loves you first. We all live with love and hate, for we need the excitement of both for relief of guilt. We misread or misunderstand what people say and we get upset. Later, the guilt we feel compels us to reverse that process in favor of love. so be careful of the "Christ" who loves you AS YOU ARE and thus makes you forget guilt. Be careful about pulling that stunt on others. You know the old line, “God loves us first and saves us by that love, so must we love others with His love.” That hypnotic trick of instantly accepting people is a trick of the devil, a misuse of the real meaning of Love.
spacerEvery wicked "preacher', who ever walked the earth preaches God's love FOR the fallen ego state, not FROM it. The devil's masterpiece of rhetoric is that "Jesus loves you" as you are now. This bait is so exciting to your ego that you get caught up with what is supposed to represent Christ. You get inextricably lost in any appeal to your ego. That which sets you up compels you to forever accept it for continued favor, or else you will start to feel the damnation that was there all along. You are not saved, but fooled.
spacerSome of these are "Jesus Freaks”, others fundamentalists and some "charismatic Christians." All are really hypnotized zombies. Although they act out Christian roles, they could just as easily by hypnotized into fancying themselves Napoleons. Christians such as these are very guilty human beings indeed, because in using Christ in this wrong way, a greater guilt accrues to them, along with a greater need to escape to post-hypnotically fondling melodies, crosses, verses and chapters. Churchianity is the religion of escape into images and sounds and not an embrace of reality—as it should be.

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