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The Way to God

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spacerFor example, see how easy it is to believe that your problems come from worldly suggestions and from pressure. But just knowing that fact can increase your conflict, because you can use that true knowledge to blame the world rather than look at your own weakness, which allows suggestions and pressures to affect you thusly. There again, not feeling "right" about being right can drive you to study the word of God even more compulsively. Or that some inquietude can make you rebel and go to pot, as if that were the more honest way. And indeed it would seem to be, for religion practiced upside-down, with the earth as the reference point, has the earth spirit. An evil nature tends to enlarge in you under a veneer of holy verses and chapters.
spacerI also began to see that in order to believe truly, you have to be motivated by what you realize, have found to be so and believe for yourself. You can listen to Roy Masters or any other teacher 'til Kingdom come (and it won't), accepting many good principles by rote memory as one way of accepting Truth. For many people the rote word with its ego-expanding qualities is preferable to an intimate experience with God. You see, I must split hairs here because, for all intents and purposes, that is believing, but it is definitely not the kind of self-realized and self-actuated intimate belief which saves. That lesser kind of belief, even when it is a true belief in Christ or in any other sound principle, can be lethal. Belief cannot save you unless it is a self-realized belief. Flesh and blood must not reveal it to you, but my Father in Heaven. Devilish preachers, knowing this fact, rob you of this vital belief-experience by too much knowledge too soon. At this point you become guilty for believing you are saved when you are not. You also pick up the wrong "holy" spirit from your preacher, and the wrong in you becomes addicted to hearing the word. Like a drug addict without reinforcement, you begin to feel the terror and guilt construed to mean falling from Grace.
spacerHere, then, was the deep mystical reason why some people would recover from the most horrible diseases while others, subject to the same therapy, even the same teaching, did not. Many professing Christians were threatened by the idea that they were not yet Christian. Since this was the truth about them, their egos naturally rejected it. For they were the kind who used religion to justify all their wrongs. Their egos were guilty, afraid of giving up the hypnosis of religion and truly facing the Reality of Christ. This group, paying lip service to Christ, could never hope to recover from sin and sickness. But when the seeking people came up to the Light, they were grateful and became reconciled with the Spirit of their conscience. And so, in believing and receiving the Truth and Light deeply, they experienced the touch of God. They were able to experience repentance and through repentance they were saved from the power of the world and healed of all manner of terrible afflictions.
spacerBriefly that is the story of how I arrived at the Judeo-Christian meditation. Naturally, there will always be those to accuse me of being a devil or an anti-Christ. If I am against anything, it is hypocrisy. There will always be those fools who wish to remain hypnotically caught up in verses and chapters as an escape, and use Christianity (or any good thing God made) to confuse others.

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