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spacerAll of these revelations lead me to my own persuasion about Christ, because the more I taught and meditated and the more I applied to myself what I was applying to others in bringing them to the Light, the closer I myself came to the Light. So in teaching people I found myself learning from them, and in their learning from me I was also learning from my own self. And so it came to pass that I slowly realized the profundity of the Holy Scriptures.
spacerThere unfolded before my eyes the truth about man’s fall and the plan of salvation from the fall, the hope of which burns in the hearts of all seekers. The reason why we feel so hopeless is because we have been confounded about salvation by the very words which might also save us. And as far as the rest of the heathen, scientific, atheist world is concerned, for the most part they don’t even know they are fallen beings. They still believe they are evolving up to some kind of vain, glorious future. They can’t even see how they are all working towards personal and global disaster.
spacerVain mankind solves problems by medical means, by psychological means and by other arts and sciences. The worldly wise fail to realize that all problems come from falling (failing) and trying to eliminate the symptoms. And not realizing that that is the case, and being hypnotized by the belief in the power of science to cure them (you see, that way they don’t have to change), they continue to place their faith in the very spirit that caused the downfall of man at the beginning. Misguided belief, hypnotic belief, is what leads, guilt by guilt, anxiety by anxiety, to the gates of death and hell. lf you believe in evolution, that continued belief in a lie cannot save you. The relief you feel, the freedom you think you have, comes from reaching toward the forbidden, away from the pain of realizing you are wrong. That is addiction, addiction to an idea, a foolish hope of a cure—even religion. Addiction is ego stubbornness. The choice is between what is killing you and what is waking you up to Reality.
spacerSlowly but surely I began to see that belief in what was True was a tickle point, a magic touchstone. I saw that people were always believing in and even wanting to believe in wrong—compulsively.
spacerIt is most difficult to tell a person the truth in his fallen, subjective state. Lost in that dream state, he cannot receive it properly. Information mixes in with all of his learned errors and prejudices so that he can't realize deeply and clearly. A person tends to cling hypnotically to words as though they were Reality, and there is some kind of relief in that because they seem to mean salvation. But in the meditative state, however, you get a different kind of agreement with the student. He can see the Truth, not only because I said it, but because he, too, can see it for himself; he can believe and act from the realization rather than from suggestion.
spacerSo if I speak of Christ, of Moses and their philosophies, at best they just mix into your brain with all of the prejudices and knowledge you have gathered and become poisoned. Words scramble there in your mind and come out in rather strange combinations, usually excusing all that is wrong.

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