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spacerAnother extraordinary thing is that I could also help Jewish people (who were not the dogmatic, dyed-in-the-wool, saved-by-the-Law Jews) if they were searching persons who were open-minded and seeking answers. But it seemed that those who were helped the most were the ones who also lived within a moral framework. The Truth leading me was also leading me to the Truth in them. We were actually helping one another. Strangely, I had the power to get people TO REALIZE THE TRUTH DEEPLY ENOUGH TO ACCEPT GOD INTIMATELY, BUT ONLY THOSE WHO COULD EVENTUALLY ACCEPT CHRIST AS REDEEMER EVER REMAINED WELL PERMANENTLY. Prior to their experience with me, their faith in Christ had been superficial; that is, they weren’t able to have a true faith. All they had was an intellectual knowing. We can, of course, know intellectually and yet not be able to know it so deeply that it saves us. “Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief,” is a line from the Scriptures. You see, I could help a number of people by suggesting a better way of life, which in turn tended towards freeing them from the grasp of certain vices. In effect they were waking up. However, as some of them awakened they became afraid of the Truth. For they were not yet ready to give up their pride. And they stopped meditating.
spacerAs a matter of record here, I do not wish to push the Messiah on you, knowing that it may reinforce “ameners” already hypnotically caught up with the church. I know, too, how many people have rebelled against hideous “Christian” pressure. But given time, with the key of meditation, many rebellious or “non-religious” people can come back to a moral framework and appreciate the profound wisdom of the Bible.
spacerThe problem with most preachers is that most of them are not credible. Let us say your son is reported killed in a train wreck but somehow, deep down, you know he is alive. A “friend,” trying to comfort you, tells you, “Oh, he is all right.” Although this is what you want to believe, you cannot accept it because the messenger is only trying to comfort you with the truth—he isn’t credible. But what relief the believable messenger brings! That seemed to be the same kind of experience I was bringing to the people I was helping. If the searching were there, I could awaken them to the Truth, I and my way being so completely believable that they could then be saved from the hypnotic grasp of the world. Since that time I have called my meditation Judeo-Christian.
spacerI neglected to say that the unbelievable messenger of Christ pressures you with his message, so that if you knuckle under you conform NOT to the Truth, but to the wicked spirit behind the beautiful words. And if you rebel he follows you, amplifying the guilt of resentment and rejection of Christ, driving you to drink and drugs and waiting to catch you in his hellish trap on the way back.

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