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The Way to God

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spacerOne plus one made two, and two plus one made three, and slowly, but surely, I said, “My God, I see!” And even as I saw, the act of realizing enabled truth to realize Himself through me and He changed me and my ways.
spacerI saw the secret of the Inner way to God. Meditation was the secret antidote to the hypnosis of the world. The ancient prophets spoke of the Light and they also spoke of living in darkness, and here it all was! People preferred the dark theater of their own minds to the Light of Reality. Down there in their imaginations they could be what they wanted to be and have what they wanted to have, never seeing what was wrong with what they wanted and what they had become through reaching.
spacerAnother interesting thing and a very curious fact was that I found that only certain people are you ready for this?—who were believing Christians could be cured permanently. This was a very puzzling actuality. I had to find out what it meant. Here I was, somehow with the power to lead people to Reality and right there at the gate there was some kind of magic principle that l, the therapist, the guide, didn’t yet understand. Those people had a part of the mystery and I had the other part. Together we had a whole.
spacerBefore I go into that, let me explain away so-called hypnotic cures. Suggesting a headache away while the subject is under hypnosis often compels the victim to say that his headache is gone, even when it is not. The subject must dramatize the hypnotist’s will as best he can. A person under hypnosis reflects the will of the authority post-hypnotically. Suggest that the subject had been in Florida, wake him and ask, “Where were you last week?” and he will reply that he was in Miami and fabricate other details—the bars he was in, all the girls he met, and so on. His mind makes it all up as he goes along, amplifying and rationalizing what he was commanded to accept. But a certain kind of hypnosis (which I later understood to be meditation and which brings the soul back to Reality) was responsible for really curing headaches. But sometimes a person would trip into the meditation state instead, by chance. Most hypnotherapists do not realize that real cures under hypnosis do not come from hypnosis at all but from a state of induced Reality.
spacerI found two states of mind existed, separated by a razor’s edge. Hypnosis, induced a certain way, could sometimes become a meditation by “accident.” Sick Christians who came to me simply weren’t Christian enough. lf they had been Christian all the way through they would not have needed the services of a hypnotist. But many were searching people of “Christian” hypnosis and persuasion; that is to say they had practiced a surface Christianity through pressure and conditioning, contrary to the way Christ Himself taught. I would speak to them about my discoveries, about responding to pressure and ego, about love and patience as a defense against evil hypnotic pressures called temptation, and about bringing them to the stillness of their own souls to realize Reality. They would even exclaim, “That’s all in the Bible!” And I would say, “Oh really?” Later I would consult the Bible and lo, there it was, almost word for word—the very things I was teaching. Somehow I was grasping it deeply, understanding it deeply, and to some degree practicing it, and they were not. They were acting out verses and chapters which their soul agreed with, but one vital ingredient was missing: the intimate contact with the Light, the ability to respond to the Light directly, intimately, rather than being carried along and away by the preaching of mere words. The difference is like knowing all about the sun yet never feeling its warmth. Word descriptions do not allow one to grow as the real experience does.
spacerSo that is how it came to pass that I became interested in the Bible. I found that I was speaking the Bible to people, having never read it myself.

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