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The Way to God

spacerWhen I was a small boy . . .
spacerI became aware that there was something missing in my life, and so I began to search. I asked my parents, my rabbi and my teachers those questions which burn in the heart of every searcher, only to realize that no one had the answers. At least I had discovered one very important truth, that no one could tell me what I needed to know. I had to find it for myself.
spacerThat brings to mind an amusing, yet meaningful, story about the soldier who went around picking up bits of paper on the parade grounds. He would read each bit and throw it away, muttering to himself, “That’s not it.” He would repeat this process over and over saying, “That’s not it.” So finally his superiors sent him to a psychiatrist, who gave him his discharge papers, to which the soldier cried triumphantly, “That’s it!” You see, he knew what he was looking for all along. In a similar way, every seeker knows in his heart what ISN’T it. What is saying to him, “That’s not it” is really IT all the time. Do you see what I am trying to say?
spacerBy the time I was fifteen I had developed a keen interest in hypnosis. Anyway, at the time it did seem as though hypnosis had a key to the mystery of human behavior. I remember seeing a stage demonstration of hypnosis and thinking to myself, “lf people can be made to do silly things, why not the sensible?” lt took many years to discover that HYPNOSIS WAS THE POWER OF FOLLY. Please give me time to layout a foundation for this statement.
spacerIn 1953, about the time the Bridie Murphy publicity was at its height, I jumped on the bandwagon, left my diamond cutting business and opened the Institute of Hypnosis. Before long I realized that hypnosis was not what people needed, that hypnosis was not therapy (unless, of course, you could use it to lead a person out of that state), BUT THE VERY REASON PEOPLE HAD PROBLEMS. I had found the cause of human problems—hypnosis! Life’s pressures were hypnotic and almost everyone was under this influence. Here was the cause of people not being themselves. Hypnotic influence was the cause of conflicts. Things people did or said under the influence became the sole reason for their guilts, fears, anxieties and a host of other problems. Victims of hypnotic sins would smoke, drink or whatever, by compulsion, their peer group pressure being similar to the hypnotic influence I, too, could induce in my subjects. Quite often drinking, drug taking, smoking and other odd habits were attempts by the guilty victims to hypnotize themselves into oblivion. You see, if the tempter-hypnotist-teaser has the power to reduce the awareness enough to make someone sin, then it is also powerful enough to take the awareness away again, this time to remove guilt. I can’t remember how it all came about, but my own searching had everything to do with a Spirit of Reality leading me, the Truth greeting my desire to know what was right, even as it can do for you.

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