Water Off A Duck's Back

Roy Masters from 'How Your Mind Can Keep You Well'

Once you have clearly understood the sheer beauty of this simple meditation, you will be able to accomplish it alone.

But be sure not to add any kind of affirmation or suggestion. Just be still, and you will come to know and grow.

Your true desire should be to have a quiet soul, from which vantage you will see yourself and your thoughts and how they originate, by the light of reality.

The first truth you will see is the truth about your own errors and the errors of others.

Wait now…watch your thoughts and memories as they come into your mind. The wrong deeds you once believed to be right will pain your conscience, for you both allowed them and justified them.

Seeing them again will bring a pain called guilt. Good!

Don’t be upset. Bear the discomfort without trying to remedy it. Know that you cannot change what you have become in the past.

Be sorry. Desire to be better.

It was the selfish, blaming, excuse-making, lie-loving, easily deceived pride that allowed the problem to grow up in you.

It was being angry at everything that got in your way that made matters still worse—as if pride, aided by anger and fear, could solve problems!

It was the egocentric struggle to ease or escape the pain of conscience that prevented the true pain from becoming a correction.

It was fighting evil with the illusion that it made you good to do so, that actually made you worse.

First there was conflict. But in excusing yourself and trying to rid yourself of blame, you gave power to the lie.

Then it became the truth to you. Then came confusion. You may come back the way you came—from confusion to conflict.

If this is so, good! Don’t worry or become upset. Being excited is never conducive to handling problems, inside or out.

See your part of the mistake. Be truly sorry. Acknowledge your own lack. Wait without impatience.

"Your change of heart is the beginning of great wisdom"

What you may receive as a gift of life, you do not deserve. Long to be a better person, knowing that of yourself you have

no power over evil, nor can you change the color of one hair on your head.

Put aside all thoughts of advantage, glory, love, affection, riches and pride-power.

Dispel the mist of excuses. Quieten the mental chatter; then observe your own errors as they appear, without excusing them.

Allow the pain of conscience to loom up to overshadow you and redeem you progressively from your faults. Be patient.

The pain you will feel is repentance. Bear it for a while without cursing it or dealing with it; just watch it, perhaps with tears of regret.

Soon it will pass. Soon things will become new again—not because I say so, but because that is the way it will be, by the grace of God.

Your change of heart is the beginning of great wisdom. It is the pain of error and the knowledge of one’s own lack that stresses the compassion

of the Spirit within.

This is all we can do for salvation— observe, know, repent, and wait for the next opportunity to do right what we once did wrong.

Watch your thoughts rise to the surface, peeling off one by one…creating the discomfort of repentance.

This stresses the compassion of the Father, if no other remedy is sought.

Your conscience, pained by your variance with reality, will be assuaged as you yield and are overshadowed by that inner pressure.

Then there will come warmth and rest. Conflict will ease.

Each time you do the exercise, you will be responding less and less to unjust pressures around you, especially the things people imply in those petty, mean digs they give you to hurt your feelings.

Then, not being offended emotionally, you are not impressed by their suggestions. They will roll off you like water off a duck’s back.

You will no longer be proud, so you need not feel threatened by negative remarks and unkindness.

You can switch off the hostility and emotional, angry defenses. You may feel external pressure upon you, but it will stay outside your skin.