Uncommon Sense

Roy Masters- Excerpted from ‘Cure Stress’ Book

Very few people are able to recognize a rough diamond lying on the beach the way I would. You see, I was once a journeyman diamond cutter by profession, so I know a diamond when I see one.

In much the same way, we all have a hidden wealth of untapped intuitive knowing that has nothing to do with any learning or experience. In religious parlance, that lifestyle is called “living by faith and walking in the light.”

To say that we have forgotten this intuitive knowing would not be quite correct; that we can rediscover it would be closer to the truth.

So, if you will divest yourself of ego and truly search for an answer, with a true desire to know and understand, you will be given to know it when you see it; the answer will almost leap out at you. If something is wrong, it will not sit well; if it is right, it will be self-evident.

The way will always be clear and it will seem as though there is no other choice but the way before you. Allow me to tell you a story to illustrate the point.

A young soldier was walking around the parade ground picking up pieces of paper, throwing them down, muttering to himself, “That’s not it.”

He did this for months on end. So his sergeant, being tired of all this, sent him to the shrink. As the soldier continued muttering to himself, the psychiatrist examined him.

Finally the doctor concluded his analysis and gave him his discharge papers. And with that, he stopped picking up those pieces of paper muttering, “That’s not it.” and with a shout of delight, exclaimed, “That’s it!” You see, he knew it when he saw it.

“Your doctor’s treatment will become a blessing…

instead of an addiction”

The Supreme Court judge was once asked how he defined obscenity from art, and he said, “I know it when I see it.”

I sincerely hope that this writing helps you know it when you see it in your time of trouble. THE MISSING LINK My renowned medical radio doctor friend, Donald Corrow, told me that I had the missing half he needed.

It has become far too easy to prescribe a pill for everything as if the symptom were always the cause.

There is no doubt that a symptom can also be the cause, but more often than not that is not the case, as with psychosomatic illness. My story begins with an original physical origin of the dozens of causes and effects that almost killed me.

Even seasoned physicians know that it is not always easy to recognize diseases by their symptoms. Different diseases often produce identical symptoms with subtle variations apparent only to a trained observer.

A disease can have a psychosomatic basis as well as a physical cause, so that your doctor might treat the obvious and wonder why you do not improve. This is why it is so important to have all your ducks in a row.

You will be a much easier patient for any doctor to help if you are spiritually, psychologically and emotionally centered. Then, if the problem does not go away, you will be given to see more clearly into the physical bases of the problem.

Your doctor’s treatment will become a blessing to you instead of an addiction.