Perilous World Radio 10/24/23

Trained to Doubt

We have a special guest on today's Perilous World Radio show: Dianne Masters, the only daughter of Roy Masters, will be our host. The world is in chaos, and many of us choose to be ignorant of it. We have been conditioned to distrust what we see, and this mentality has become deeply ingrained in our minds. This is where the issue lies.

·        Your first inclination

·        Parents don’t lead by examples.

·        REAL Faith

·        What meditation is

·        Don’t try to be smart

·        Judgement

Dianne will be our host for the next two days while Alan is away. Dianne is known for her honesty and willingness to confront issues that most of us tend to avoid. Fear can lead to negative behavior, so being confident and not showing weakness is important. Remember that the Devil preys on fear and vulnerability.


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