Time, Space, Gravity

A Theory of Time Space Gravity to Change the Future  - Roy Masters

Imagine time as wind. Until the wind brushes by you, it is not yet wind to you. Consider this pre-wind moment as a fraction of an instant before time passes. 

Pre-time is that fraction of a second before the present is shaped. While there is valuable new science contained in this writing, there is something more significant to consider. 

We are born with a gift of enormous power, to live in a space within, which enables us to see ahead of now-an ability to sense the wind before it brushes by us. The inability to see beforehand implies that you have either lost this gift of foresight, or that you were born without free will and consequently zero control over any outcome. 

A general seeks the high ground, or raises a tower to observe the enemy's approach, lest he fall upon him without warning. Likewise, there is within you, a timeless realm equivalent to a military high ground, where the "enemy" can be observed before he emotionally washes over your freedom of self-determination to change the future. 

This objective state within, outside the virtual reality box of imagination, will reveal unseen choices. Were those pregnant moments of heightened awareness not selfishly and emotionally ignored and aborted in the past, they would have given birth to a bright future! Through that space inside you, for a paradise to come, God requires of you a surrendered will. 

Before the beginning of time and creation, stands there still, the timeless Beginner. What you are about to read will bear witness to what you already know in your heart. 

We begin by debunking the Big Bang theory, using established sixth-grade level science.

If time had stopped flowing when the universe was only one second old and, thus, ceased to exist, time would have measured one second of length, time and length (space) being the same. Just as one drop of water cannot make rain, or one cubic centimeter of air provide an atmosphere for an entire planet, one second of time could never stretch as a steady flow of space/time/density for an unfolding universe. In order for time to act as time, it must extend as a continuum, a steady stream from a timeless source. 

The Big Bang theory is a contradiction, because it suggests a plasma-like mass that would have never allowed even the smallest fraction of a second of time to exist before the alleged explosion. The massive gravitational "pull" of an infinitely hot and dense pre-universe would have held time captive. Furthermore, it is as impossible for a plasma mass to exist in zero space before time, as it is for space/time to exist without mass! Even if mass could pre-exist and then give birth to time, the overwhelming gravitational (theoretical) pull of an early, infinitely small, hot, dense universe would have sucked time right back in. Under no conditions could time have escaped the energy equivalent of a universe-sucking black hole. Nevertheless, creation does require time in some pre-dimensional form to precede creation. This is a serious dilemma for cosmologists. 

Were there suddenly no more seconds left after the second it took to read this sentence, all existence would vanish.

The answer as to whether the "chicken" (matter) or the "egg" (space/time) came first, may well be as spiritually inspirational as it could be politically dangerous. 

Before time, there was a void, an unimaginable, frozen, massless solid. Then a mysterious energy melted away the void providing the extension of the stillness that would become time. Descartes said, "Give me motion [eventually time] and extension and I will construct the universe." Space [time], he said, "is inconceivable apart from matter." Where there is space and extension there must always be matter, always. Space/time/matter co-exist or cannot exist at all. Am I contradicting myself to claim that time must pre-exist and then not? The answer is, space/time/matter had to come into existence together in a sudden instant, but not as the Big Bang theory suggests. 

"Einstein said that the universe is made of very few principles-to be more precise, just one."

The Big Bang theory implies that time flowed ahead of creation. Implied also is that time is a flowing phenomenon, incorrectly beginning with plasma-mass. However, let us suppose this primordial flowing began as a pre-time wind or a pre-time force. Since neither space/time, nor matter, can exist without one another, a mysterious precursor relative to energy must precede the sudden appearance of space/time and immediately as matter. 

The creation of the cosmos from no-thing (not nothing) necessitates the existence of two forms of time, one of them measurable by the ticking of a clock, the other not. Like foresight, and those intuitive moments of hindsight and regret, the pre-time wind of the spirit pre-exists an instant ahead of the present moment, about to be born. Time's precursor is not the here and now that we experience. It is always arriving, blowing as a non- material ether, from a timeless realm of rest extending outward to form the boundary of the universe.

In that "let there be" moment at the beginning, the void "melted" and gave way to a mysterious, before-time wind. This wind did not become actual time until the very moment (our present) spun itself into particles and passed on into the infinity of space/time. That pre-time force is the future present continuum, flowing from its timeless absolute rest source. The infinite velocity of pre-time spun from itself little whirlpools (mass), then passed and pressed as gravity upon its spinning creations as both the before and after (distance). 

This perpetual, immeasurable velocity of pre-time maintains an infinite variety of spins of creation. Pre-time spins > particles > time > gravity> mass > space/time (distance). Pre-time is still the before-now of the immediate future. From the future comes the pre-time continuum, forming the basis of all relative constants-pushing, shaping, passing matter and extending as the infinity of space-time boundary.

The very idea that time actually flows and ought to have a timeless nonmaterial relative rest is threatening to contemporary thought. Relativity tells us that the rest, being relative, is also in motion. For example, a coordinate system of two objects moving uniformly with respect to one another reveals no apparent motion; both appear still in space. Except that one object moves away relative to the other, no other stillness is apparent or presumed to exist. 

At this point, the theory of relativity seems to contradict itself. According to the theory, an entire all-in-motion universe is in motion without a relative, absolute rest. The absolute motion of the universe demands of relativity a relative (albeit nonmaterial) absolute rest. Absolute motion requires the absolute of stillness, how else could Einstein expect his relative universe to move? 

The beginning stillness of the creation event is still back in the future, in the unknowable, unreachable center, where awaits the unmoved mover, the timeless beginner of creation through time. Even as in the forethought of every soul's unfolding, pre-time is still that moment before creation and creation renewed. Be still then. Run not from the pain of rejected hindsight as it comes around once again as the saving grace of foresight. 

How time and space got their dimensions 

Thus far, I have used a two-dimensional model to describe the creation event. To get a clearer picture of the unfolding universe in four dimensions, try imagining a man swinging a rock around his head as he gradually lets out the string. At this point, two forces are at work. The first flows out, the second (restraining force) tugs back, keeping the weight from flying out into space while maintaining gravitational symmetry of his "Universe." See how two forces derive from the one, the outward-flinging cosmological constant and the stabilizing gravitational pull from the center, variations that are inherent in all of creation.

A There is yet a third form of gravity: the swirling motion itself. It is the radar-like sweeping arm trails or, "blips", of matter spinning from its own force that lags in the wake of that sweeping arm. From this one center of power evolves three distinct gravitational forces, illustrated here as a two-dimensional space/time/mass. 

For the third dimension of space/time, change the angle of the swirling weight a fraction of a degree with every cycle of spin. Now you get a three-dimensional boundary of motion. Visually, see this as the sinusoidal windings of a ball of string. That kind of unfolding motion becomes the fourth dimension of space/time to gravity/mass and the expanding boundary of the universe. That is roughly it. The fifth dimension is the mysterious source of power flowing from the center. 

"Time and space are from the same place with different names."- Lao Tzu

If you cannot imagine four dimensions then try three-length, width and height. Two dimensions are easy, a sheet of paper, for example. A single dimension is beyond comprehension because it does not yet exist as a dimension. Four, three and two dimensions we know, but one by itself is absent because "they" are yet to be and are dimensionless. In a metaphysical sense, they are two; the "pinpoint" before existence, reverse black hole, and the emerging pre-time timeless wind, represented by the man with the weight and the string.

In the beginning, pre-time force gathered momentum for the creation's sudden thrust into existence.

The Big Bang represents an infinitely small, condensed and hot pin-size plasma pre-universe exploding into an immense fireball, theoretically preceded by time (impossible). Permit me to take the same liberty of describing creation from a nonmaterial, pinpoint frame of reference; something like a reverse black creation "hole," with pre-time, gushing out with infinite sinusoidal velocity, (like the motion of the windings of a ball of string) to form three dimensional mass and the invisible boundary of the universe. 

Observe, for example, how water flows from the headwaters of a river or, perhaps, your garden hose. In physics, water behaves similar to time and distance. As long as the flowing is infinite from their respective sources, densities and distances will remain infinitely constant. Such flowing does not immediately become time, because the current (pre-time) is the flowing precursor of both time and mass, which (still) exists immediately before everything. As little eddies form from the river to spin and drag, only then does the current of pre-time pass and manifest as time (space/time) to the newly created mass.

Time cannot pass nonexistence and become time. Matter and time must co-exist because one is the extension of the other in a different form. As electricity and magnetism are two sides of the same coin, so are space/time/ gravity/mass extensions from the beginning and those are just the tip of the iceberg of creation.

The current is the river of pre-time; the eddy is the spinning energy of the current as mass, then only does the current change its relationship and becomes space/time to matter. One current is linear and passes; as that current spins, it then becomes mass, relative to the passing current; the current becomes space/time/distance. The passing current warping around those eddies then pushes upon them as gravity, passing in three dimensions into space/time/distance. 

Remember that time only becomes space/time/mass distance, when the sheer velocity of pre-time spins subatomic particles from the essence of the current. Only then, (instantly altogether), does time manifest suddenly into the "first day" or moment of creation.

Just as water flowing from a steady source with increasing distance has the same density all the way back to its source, so will the density of space/time remain constant forever throughout the Cosmos, no matter how far the boundaries of the universe expand from the creation event.

Unlike the theory that claims that gravity is a pull and is indigenous to mass, this model proposes that the energy of time is ubiquitous, the omnipresent pressure of gravity (a push) upon everything everywhere, and, therefore, ubiquitously extractable. Unlike the implied energy pull of gravity, time energy is kinetic. To use a metaphor, it is a driving force somewhat like the motions of power hydroelectric devices or wind generators.

When we understand that time is energy and see how it fills the Cosmos with divine fire we can then go about seeking the means to extract it. This source is inexhaustible and ever flowing because the eternal timeless mover is holding "the hose." 

Accelerated time explains gravity: 

<---(Massive object)------------------>


Space is at right angles with time.

Electricity is at right angles with magnetism.

Gravity is at right angles with inertia.

Time is the self-configuration sequence of the universe.

Time is also a force.




...Time keeps the fundamental particles spinning and is a source of unlimited energy for the human race

One more example to emphasize that time moves from a timeless source and possesses kinetic energy: You are sitting in a boat pushed along by the current. Since the boat (mass) is heavier than the current, it resists motion, which is why it drags in the stream. The river flows by faster into what then becomes an increasing distance downstream. You paddle furiously to catch up, but the current is too strong and continues to flow past, infinitely faster, ahead of all your efforts to close the gap (space). In the same way, no matter how fast you "paddle," into infinity, space-time remains infinitely ahead. You and the boat (spacecraft) are made of the same gyroscopic spinning motions of time's passing energy. 

Measuring pre-time velocity is impossible, because it pre-exists the very materiality of all measuring devices. Time flowing infinitely from its timeless source will one day allow us to extract free clean energy from space.

Can you see how the theory of kinetic value of space/time better explains the warping of space/time flowing around the Earth? Notice how a river curves, as it pressures and warps (time) around a rock. The curvature of space/time around mass is similar and explains why time/gravity waves are slower closer to earth. Indeed, everything around us delineates these truths.

Time conceived as the push of gravity gives a new meaning as to why stars are born, why the center of the earth shall always remain molten, and why we shall be able to extract energy from what appears to be the vacuum of space. Einstein said that the universe is made of very few principles-to be more precise, just one.

This principle, stated in the opening paragraph, is worth repeating. 

An instant before time there stood a timeless instant from which the present event was born. We are all born with a gift of enormous power, the ability to live in a special space, inside ourselves. There, we are able to see what is about to happen a fraction of an instant ahead of now. Outside the virtual reality of our thoughts, the clear light of reality reveals unseen choices. Were those pregnant moments not aborted they would give birth to a bright new future! Through this special space inside you-a paradise to come-God requires of you a surrendered will. 

"Tell us how shall our end be," asked the disciples in the Gospel According to Thomas. Jesus answered, "Have you discovered, the beginning that you seek is at the end? For where the beginning is, there too will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning. He will know the end and not experience death."