The Word Made Flesh

Roy Masters from the book, 'Meaning and Happiness'

Understanding is knowledge made live, and it is only in this living form that it is ultimately useful to man. Knowledge that is separated from the awareness of its source is dead; and, far from being desirable, it is a source of great harm, in that it offers a counterfeit of the reality man was

created to seek.

Out of the original stillness came the hurricane of all material creation. Out of the Timeless Center came the movement—the primal energy—of time, and out of time came light and matter, and the mass of matter lagging in the time stream became space for matter and created things

to move in time.

The universe is the architecture of God’s creative genius, and man is God’s personalized expression of Himself: the visible, material reflection of His invisible, spiritual self.

The material body of man, the living counterpart of the soul created in God’s image, was assembled by the creative gathering power of the still soul. Even as the heavens and the earth were spoken into creation, generated from His eternal stillness, so our Creator breathed life—His Divine

Identity—through the still soul child of Himself.

"This soul of man belongs in, but does not rightfully belong to this earthly realm..."

This soul of man belongs in but does not rightfully belong to this earthly realm; it belongs to the Creator of all realms. The body was formed around the soul like metal filings around a magnet, out of the dust elements of the earth; and as the dust gathers in the rays from the sun—a spectacle both material and ephemeral—so man is part heaven and part earth.

Creation was to have been the setting for the jewel wherein the expressed purpose of creation was to live and venture through time and space, being eternally renewed on an endless adventure of discovery in the universe, living endlessly as God lives eternally.

The purpose of the soul’s adventure would have been to observe and so to learn of God, to witness and marvel at the immensity of God’s creative genius, to be forever mindful of His grandeur and His greatness and by that mindfulness and worship to receive His sustaining approval—everlasting life—for an endless voyage of perfection through discovery, eternally renewed and awakened in the soul through the awareness of the Creator.

Then something occurred that disturbed the stillness of man’s soul and altered its relationship with God, and so this first soul, torn away from its original ground of being through pride, sank into the changed substance of its created physical self and became lost in space with the sands of time flowing restlessly through the gaping breach of its own disobedience.

The evidence of this failing, which all mankind has subsequently inherited, is the restlessness we feel in our souls to this very day.