The Way Out

Roy Masters

Have you ever given any thought to what it is like to die? Does it all just fade to black, or is there some kind of afterlife?  What do you think is the purpose of the gift of consciousness? 

Each of us is born with a unique, separate awareness of being. There is only one of each of us. We have not ever lived before.

We are born brand-new, and before us lies the destiny of searching for truth or denying it — of wanting more or less consciousness. The path has always been and always will be the same for everyone.

Some find meaning, live, and die well, while others turn toward a different destiny.  No one begins life perfected. Our gradual perfection is a process of becoming better through welcoming, not shrinking from, those painful awakenings.

Life is like a complicated chess game, where pieces keep changing sides. People who have been pawns of an enemy may have a change of heart and cross over to the right side.

It works both ways; while good people try to save the bad ones from evil, the bad seek to corrupt the innocent and separate them from their indwelling goodness.  

Fortunately, there is a positive way to change the end game…Patiently endure offenses.

Fortunately, there is a positive way to change the end game. It is as follows:  Patiently endure offenses.  If people puff you up as a holy person, do not be uplifted.

If they try to degrade, defame, betray or berate you, let not your soul be vexed. Remain even and centered, thereby neutralizing the sting that once prevented goodness from coming through. 

Past traumas are slowly undone through your patient endurance. We love by loving good people and by forbearing to hate wrongdoers. In this fashion do we endear and complete ourselves to God.  

Resentment is the antithesis of love in that it reinforces in the present the very same anger that established the aberrant behaviors of the past. Resentment is the loser’s anger. Therefore, through patient endurance are you forgiven as you forgive, just as the Lord’s Prayer says. 

True love has two sides, two faces. One side of love is kind and generous toward the deserving, while the other side is patiently firm with wrongdoers. Love those who are good and do not hate (resent) those who are bad — it’s just that simple.

When people are decent, you love them; if they are not, forbear to hate them. Overcome all the failings of the past by dealing more perfectly (not falling to resentment) with imperfect people in the present.

As instinct is to creatures, so are the intuitive laws to the human heart.

That which separates the redeemed man or woman from all other living things is the inclination of their soul — the resigned consciousness that, when drawn inward toward the indwelling light, finds the fulfillment of true love and therefore becomes unable to hate.