The Truth You Love

Roy Masters

More often than not, space between words says as much, if not more, than words. A glance, a look, an object moved at a strategic moment, something forgotten or remembered in a timely way—all can have a subtle suggestive impact, constructive or destructive. 

When this wordless mind game is played, it may be virtually impossible to point it out to your opponent; he could deny it was happening and make you look silly, since the evidence exists only in your knowing.

In such confrontations, you may give another the power to make you doubt what you see. He could infer that you are paranoid, accusing him unjustly.

It could be very dangerous to expose where you are coming from. Under such conditions it may be advisable to hold your peace and bide your time, even though you run the risk of becoming psychotic, suppressing what you know and resentfully forming “safe” secret judgments. 

To survive the evils of this world of ours, you must become sophisticated in detecting invisible mind control signals. You must interpret correctly what all secret maneuverings mean, and recognize that unrecognized weaknesses (resentment and self-doubt) make you a victim.

As you grow in grace, you can recognize a set-up six months down the line. You can perceive what is moving up through people even though they might not see it themselves. People are nothing but pieces on life’s chessboard, pawns for good or evil.

"To survive the evils of this world of ours, you must become sophisticated in detecting invisible mind control signals."

Their own selfishness blinds them to what is moving through them, but it need never fool you. 

Take the simple matter of common courtesy. There are times when courtesy is not courtesy, but mockery. There are other times when courtesy is timed to make an impression, to fool you.

A sale may be at stake, or perhaps some kind of advantage-taking is in the wind, or a cover-up for guilt. But if you are very aware, you can easily see what is going on. Intuition gives you the nose to smell betrayal.

Watch your reactions. Don’t become resentful. And never signal that you know. 

The closer you are to your center, the more you are given faith in what you see; you have a sense of timing that only centered persons have and recognize. As a centered being, you can identify and track with the timing of others who are graced in the same manner.

You simply know what never needs proof. Through what you are given to know within yourself, you can detect psychopaths and psychotics who are moving in for a kill. Their thoughtful deeds are always out of sync.

Their words and actions are superficial and ego-building, without any real substance or value, except, of course, to tempt any pride you might have.

If you do have pride, you will be blinded and you will fall hard. It is easy to see, by the Light of the Truth you love, what phony catering is designed to do.