Perilous World Radio 02/07/24

The Thermonuclear Argument

Alan Masters and his co-host Mike Jones are hosting a free-for-all Wednesday show. In this episode, Alan starts the discussion by asking if anyone has ever had a long-standing argument with someone that seems never to end. These types of arguments are often referred to as thermonuclear arguments because they never seem to have a clear winner due to both parties being too stubborn. Alan shares how he was approached this morning to be dragged into an argument but refused because he didn't want to get involved.  Alan says, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!”   I don't care if you cannot convince the other person, and I told the other person the same thing. Stop trying to convince somebody that you are right. If you're right, you win.

Do you have a thermonuclear argument going on that will never end? What happens in a thermonuclear war? Everyone gets hurt! Alan shared a comment from a listener in the chat room. Ed from Oregon stated that he has been having a debate with his cousin about a particular subject for decades. He was 13 years old, and his cousin was 15 when they started the discussion. Even after 53 years, his cousin still praises the subject while Ed condemns it. In response, Mike Jones said, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."

In the second half of the show, Alan welcomes Colonel Tony Monaco from Patriot Outreach and Chaplain Jack Leroy to discuss the issue of illegal immigration leading to child sex trafficking.  The scope, breadth, and depth.  It’s in our

neighborhood so much so that the big question is, why is child sex trafficking so prevalent here in the United States?

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of our world today, it is crucial that we make time to meditate and re-center ourselves. This is essential to becoming the best version of ourselves as human beings. Fortunately, Roy Masters has left us a valuable gift in the form of a meditation exercise that is accessible to all. To learn more about it, please visit our website at


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