Perilous World Radio 12/27/23

The Sameness

Alan Masters hosts today's Perilous World Radio show, diving into the "sameness" that tends to drive our lives when we allow it to. "Groundhog Day" is an unfortunate reality for many if not most of us. It will take a new approach to see change. Intuitively, we understand that challenges strengthen us, and some of the toughest times bring forth the most learning. Alan brings his signature honesty, fresh ideas, and illustrative stories to drive the theme home.

In our Patriot Outreach segment at the beginning of the second half, Col. Tony Monaco (Founder) and Kansas Capital Chaplain Dave DePue discuss New Year's "resolutions" that matter. Alan contributes his own "resolutions" for the New Year. 

Today's show may be just the spark you need to help get out of a rut and start the New Year with renewed purpose! 

It's the Year's End, and please don't forget that YOUR donations help the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) to stay afloat in "perilous" times. We appreciate all you have done, and can do to help us continue our critical work. Thank you!

A surprising number of people actually want to connect with others and live more meaningful lives. Today's program provides a solid boost of inspiration for those who seek that greater purpose!


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