The Reckoning Seminar Videos

October 21st-24th, 2021

This free meditation from Roy Masters teaches his basic observation exercise. Learn to meditate without struggles. In this meditation exercise, Roy describes the secret to meditating. It's a technique he established in the 1950's and 60's and it's still used frequently today. If you could learn the secret of how to control your responses, how to find that God-given switch in your mind which would allow you to energize and motivate yourself, you would never again feel conflict, guilt, fear or depression. If you are willing to be shown how, you can become the person you were created to be. Allow the Foundation of Human Understanding to introduce you to a simple procedure that will prove to you, through your own experience, that control over yourself without unbearable suppression is not only possible, but vital to your health, to your future happiness – and to your very existence.

Jeff Griffin