The Quickening

Roy Masters

The Kingdom of Heaven is poised to receive the longing of the weary souls of the prodigal sons and daughters of the Father, who, after expending their essence on egocentric and selfish pursuits, having debased themselves by their own defiant wills, and being now spiritually impoverished, look forward with wistful longing to the realm of the kind Father, from Whom they were born separated—such repentant longing being the only love one can have for the Father. 

All creatures, animal and man, possess life force, but the noetic nature of man possesses not only animal life but also the direct essence from God Himself, a unique attribute capable of quickening and transforming the soul of the being united with Him. 

Angels, being inferior to man, do not possess this duality. They did not receive the earthly form and thus cannot animate the being they do not possess, and therefore cannot be redeemed, as man can be, from the body that contains his fall. 

Therefore is the soul in the body a bridge between two worlds, whereby one acts through the other, and through which conduit His Will might manifest on earth. For unlike angels, it is from a body that the lost soul is redeemed. 

And so each one in his stubborn pride misses not only the quickening of God’s eternal life essence, but forfeits by way of denial the abundance of things to come. 


"the home of God is the softened, repentant heart of man. "

For in the season of its selfishness, each soul has a selfexistent essence similar to the Self-Existent One, a life essence potentially different from the temporal life of creatures, under the order of nature from the very beginning when God commanded, “Let there be.”

And so while the first man had two origins, the noetic nature he fell from and the animal he fell to, mankind is now born first of nature to be reborn back into spirit. Oh fallen Adamic man! Behold the mercy of your God; your choice is yet unspent, and salvation is close at hand. 

The first descending order ends now, full circle, complete to the Beginning. The quickening Spirit from the timeless realm from which the universe came and was pre-formed, enters now from within our longing for salvation as a rebirth, for the home of God is the softened, repentant heart of man. 

Do not therefore inquire as to what your end shall be, for the yearning soul journeys back home, briskly returning like the prodigal son. For where the end of this journey is, here and now is the dawn of a new beginning. Seek (yearn) and find, knock and the door will open. He Awaits. Who has ears to hear, let him also understand.