Perilous World Radio 11/15/23

The Power of Wonder

Alan Masters hosts today's program. Where he used to plead with God, he now wonders. It is a quiet place of reflection, instead of desperation. In the first segment, Alan plays an AI reading of an email he received from a listener with some far-out—and funny thoughts! Later, he speaks of Amanda Holmes, daughter of Chet Holmes, who wrote the book The Ultimate Sales Machine. After her father's death, Amanda was needed to run her father's company. She later wondered about her life as she searched for meaning.

Alan also discusses pride, and how far the fall is from the "Mount Kilimanjaro" of our outsized egos. He speaks of COVID erasing some of his memory, which has become a kind of blessing, as he can no longer remember some of his childhood traumas!

The weekly "Patriot Outreach" segment featuring Col. Tony Monaco and Chaplain Jack Le Roy discussed the question: "Are PREPPERS terrorists"? This sounds like a crazy question, but our own government is treating preppers in this manner, while often ignoring the terrorists—many who are reported to be crossing our border.

Today's show gives anyone who cares much to "wonder" about in our own lives and in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Don't miss it!


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