The Power of Objectivity

Roy Masters from the Book 'Meaning and Happiness'

The more you learn in the sense of merely acquiring knowledge, the harder it will be for you to realize, because conventional learning tends to defeat the process of realizing.

You are not more because you know more, but you are more because you realize more. Knowledge is fulfilled only when it becomes understanding. As you realize, knowledge will assume a new dimension, for it will develop into understanding.

Knowledge can lead you to discover for yourself. Intellectual knowledge can bring you to the brink of understanding about that knowledge. And sometimes what you realize and what you have already learned in a formalized way will be identical.

When this happening occurs, your rote knowledge will take on a real vitality, validity, dimension and an endless flow of meaning.

Once you have reached the threshold of discovering for yourself, learning becomes an awakening process— a journey—a way of growing toward and in the Light, a far cry from learning in the old way by cramming facts into your head.

You should be relieved to know that I don’t want to be a source of information to you. Instead, I desire to be a means of awakening you to that Source of Truth within you, which even now bears silent witness to your need for it and to these words about Truth.

Everything you read here is intended to bring your mind more completely to the viewpoint of objectivity. You have not been objective—self-aware, separate from your thoughts.

You have been subjective, unable to separate yourself from your intellect. As you have fallen into its endless stream of thoughts, you have also left behind the understanding of your first mistake.

You will continue to blunder, caught in the dream world of the intellect, unless you discover the secret that will make you objective toward your problems.

If you find it difficult to concentrate on the following instruction, don’t throw in the towel. Persist!

"The good life is waiting for you after you are freed from

the prison of your own thoughts"

Since childhood, your mind has been lost in your imagination, just as Alice lost herself in Wonderland. You have probably confused fixation and fascination with true concentration and meditation.

You have been so involved with fascinating things that you could not be aware enough to realize the vital difference between fascination and

concentration. Concentration is the voluntary giving of your entire attention, whereas fascination is the state in which your attention has been captured or stolen without your voluntary consent.

Until you become objective, you cannot concentrate, and this lack of concentration—the giving of your complete attention—is the basis of every problem you have in the world.

Every human dilemma evolves from a simple beginning—from subjective consciousness, that is, the state in which the mind is compulsively attentive to things, to people, and to thoughts. Free your conscious mind from its slavish involvements and you will realize a far superior way

of observing life, for you will be viewing it in an objective manner.

This experience is like nothing you have ever known: you will enjoy a higher state of consciousness; you will stand at the threshold of the problem-solving process, near the very source of life. So be persistent! Don’t throw up your hands in despair if you should find it difficult to be objective.

The sick ego always seeks what is comforting.

Concentration and meditation are difficult because they do not begin with comfort. Instead, they bring you back to the

pain of reality, to anxieties you must face. Whenever you feel that you would rather be somewhere else, don’t give in to the feeling.

Concentrate and meditate until you find the comfort that lies beyond the chastising pain.

The good life is waiting for you after you are freed from the prison of your own thoughts. If you fail to concentrate as it is being taught here, there is no hope whatsoever that any of your problems will be resolved.

Futility, misery and suffering will follow you all the days of your life. You will be out of control, wallowing and, ultimately, drowning in your