Breaking The Power Of Liars

Roy Masters

Whoever controls your perception also controls you. Beware, lest you fall prey to the Michael Moores of this world, whose craft is especially honed to cast doubt toward the innocent. If you allow, they will act through your emotions, and turn you into instruments of your own downfall, even against your own country. 

The following story is typical: While waiting for her husband to come home, Mary picks up the phone; an anonymous woman starts hinting about her husband having an affair. The caller is hesitant, even apologetic, and has what seems to be a sincere story. She speaks about having similar experiences and wishes to prevent Mary from getting hurt in the same way. 

Shocked, anger wells up inside and faith in the stranger takes over. Filled with doubt toward her loyal husband, all the good in her life begins to melt away. In vain, her perplexed husband tries to find out what went wrong. He cannot. Alas, Mary also cannot tell because of the protective bond of trust with the caller. This once happy homemaker is no longer the same as before the call. Because of belief, a liar controls her destiny.

Mary now finds fault with everything the husband does or says. Unable to cope with such inexplicable madness, he rushes out to the local tavern to get drunk. There he encounters the manipulative woman on the telephone – his wife’s best friend.

"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."

Exodus 20:16

Failure and envy compelled this “friend” to steal Mary’s happiness…just as the likes of Michael Moore plan to spirit away America ’s success and liberty. 

Such lies and programming have far-reaching and even exponential personal and political implications. If all it takes is for Michael Moore to point an angry accusing finger to intimidate many into believing that he is your friend and the President is a liar and a terrorist, then Osama Bin Laden can easily top that with the threat of a big bomb.

Many, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, posing as our friends and news sources, continue to accuse our duly-elected public officials of crimes they did not commit. Their emotionally powerful bony fingers of contention have a demoralizing effect, especially on those who, like themselves, had problems with lying and cheating fathers. Such projections toward authority figures do not distinguish between who is or is not guilty.

Strong emotions stirred up by intimidation, especially when accompanied by accusations toward the innocent, cause many to lose their way and become loyal to our enemies. The false faith of doubt that induces judgment is a very deadly and exploitable addiction that portends a broken home-based political hell on earth. 

When people become addicted to judgment, demand calls for a steady supply of innocent victims to satisfy the accuser’s cravings. Imagination feeds our silent judgments; later they are reinforced and exploited by cunning, treasonous political agitators. Many loyalists would rather die for their champion, or see us all dead, than admit they are wrong.

The culture war thus lost becomes a civil war.

Now is the time to change our future. Learn how to deal with personal and political manipulators.