Perilous World Radio 12/12/23


Husband and wife team Alan and Jan Masters host today's show—a DEEP one! Humility is the theme and the far-ranging powerful effects of finding it. Alan continues his theme of promoting "Being completely honest with yourself"... which ties into humility.

We are supposed to influence people in our lives—particularly young people. Human beings are constantly looking for glory instead of humility. And so many of us have fallen far in our lives. Once we do, the Devil convinces us that we have fallen so far that God will not take us back. Some have been "triggered" repeatedly without knowing how to stop being triggered. We can feel hopeless and want to give up—even commit suicide. This is the Devil's "final solution" for us. Don't listen to him! 

The Devil is a LIAR—we CAN reconcile with God... if we are humble, admitting our sins, and trusting in His son to redeem us! Don't miss this show—it will truly bless you and your loved ones!


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