The Next Excuse

Roy Masters

The way to mental and emotional health lies beyond the next excuse. Every emotional upset produces a behavior that wars with common sense. As if from nowhere, excuses arise to explain away your behavior, and if you fall for those lies, your life is practically over. Under the spell of excuses, imagination play’s the harp with your emotions.

Excuses originate not from you. Imitating the sound of your own voice, the spirit of your faults speaks in your head as if it was you thinking to yourself and coming to the “right” conclusions.

For example, you have been severely mistreated by your father. Under duress, you made up your mind that when you get married, you will never treat your children like your father did. What you don’t know is that people pleasers the world over have exactly the same thoughts.

Precisely under that thought command, every man on earth under-corrects their wives and children. Women often stand in silent consent to the cruelty of husband or boyfriends. And everywhere you look such people are helping to create and nurture tyrants.

If you are familiar with this particular programming, you should also be experiencing the very frustration and rage that was in the villain you are trying not to be. Okay, you’re not the villain, but you are nevertheless guilty of creating one and servicing the beats, could well be your own children. So they mock you, take advantage of your weakness for that’s what it is. Repeatedly you repress the rage of the person you are trying not to be which obviously, you have been all along. So what was the controlling lie that cast you into that role of slave to a bully?

“The tyrant intimidates and

speaks to your mind through

your emotions.”

The tyrant intimidates and speaks to your mind through your emotions. So that when you act out, there is the tyrant again, this time in your head giving you the excuse for what they compel you to do.

In anger “you” thought to yourself. “When I get older I’m not going to be like my mean dad.” Alas, such thoughts were never your own.

Do you see what “you” are doing? Something inside posing as you is tempting you to struggle, to trick you into giving yourself a good nature, when it is the very spirit that stole it from you. The excuse has evolved. It now it tells you that you have the power to give yourself a good nature; that you must be good and try harder. This lie when acted out repeatedly increases vexation and hopeless despair.

If you can admit this, then you might have a glimpse of vanity trying to save itself. The excuse cements the behavior in place and is deadlier than the deception that led to the deed, as Adam belatedly found out.

To reiterate; because you were an easily confused child you could not help but believe the first deception. Be warned, watch out for the next excuse and see it for what it is; for it may have become a “religious experience” pretending to be the saving light of truth.