The Mysterious Ingredient

Roy Masters

It is written that the serpent was the most subtle of all the creatures in the garden, for he carefully avoided direct contact with the first man.

He sensed that his enslaving motive would have been too easily observed and resisted by the light that shone through Adam. So he seduced Eve, planting his guile in her and altering, ever so subtly, the form of her love, and Adam was deceived by it.

To this day, that love lurking in the uncorrected (therefore, unloved) form, scans the horizon for Adams, seeking to find the same hairline crack in their natures that existed in Adam’s—the same susceptibility to the notion that they have a right to aspire to the forbidden role of the Godhead, supported by what appears to be Eve’s loving agreement.

Such a man draws so much strength for his ambition to be God from the woman’s deceitfulness that gradually a strange change of focus begins to take place in his nature, and he begins to see her as the center of his existence, the god that he himself had aspired to be.

The uncorrected woman that he should have brought to the Light becomes the “light” of his own life, his god. Most men love women more than they love God—they love them as God. 

Evil love has no life of its own, so it must live on the life it tempts from others. The warmth men feel in the company of women is the miasma of their own decay. The “love” they feel is the ecstasy of their soul’s dying. 

Men are so egotistical that they take little notice of how their bodies are deteriorating. What matters more than anything else to them is the fleeting illusion of worth, of glowing like a glorious light, but they fail to see that the light is from the spontaneous combustion of their souls.

"love is the mysterious ingredient that a soul needs to be complete."

Like drug addicts who sacrifice their earthly lives to the pusher for a “high,” men die to women. Man’s wretched essence ascends to woman’s soul as a love sacrifice in exchange for her glorification of him. 

Beware of instant acceptance, “love at first sight.” You tend to believe in such love only because it sustains your willfulness and rebellion against Reality. In your rebellion against Reality, you fall prey to illusion and evil looks like love.

Transcending this terrible ego love requires so much dedication, such a deep yearning to know and understand our ultimate purpose, that you may fall many times before the sheer pain of falling drives you to seek higher ground. 

Until you find salvation, you cannot resist love’s tyranny. The conniving woman sees your efforts to hang onto some shred of common sense and reason as her mortal enemy.

Deep down, she knows that her man has failed her, and that her “loving” has had something to do with the failure of both of them. She loathes having to love. All she wants to do now is punish and hurt the man for having fed his life to her ego and making it ugly and wicked. 

Whatever it is, wherever it comes from (above or below), love is the mysterious ingredient that a soul needs to be complete: a complete fool or a noble being. True love is leavening a baker hid in the flour.

It grows and grows until it leavens the whole lump of bread, because the baker’s flour “recognizes” the leavening agent, and responds to it by allowing the “spirit” of yeast to come in and fill it.

In the same way, your whole being must one day respond to the Truth. When you identify intuitively with the Truth—you can, you know—you will be filled with love and joy. It is only because the “Force” is with you that you are able to open up to these words!