The Learning Trap

Roy Masters

Surely, truth and factual knowledge are the same, aren’t they? The answer is that although they should complement one another, rote learning can trick and trap you into mechanical unquestioning subservience to all authorities.

You can easily lose your common sense through being pressured to learn too much too soon. Haven’t you heard the old saying, “all knowledge and no common sense makes Jack a dull boy?”

Knowledge that substitutes for and displaces God-given common sense is traumatizing, confounding, demoralizing, and in effect, is brainwashing.

Happily, if the right kind of knowledge by the right kind of teacher leads to the quickening of the spirit of enlightenment, then the dryness of knowledge ceases. God himself bears witness to the values taught, and takes over the teaching of your children from within them.

The natural God-given brightness of a little child threatens the system of rigid robotic teachers. If your otherwise intelligent child (they all are to begin with) cannot learn at school, know the reason why.

When a socialistic outcome-based teacher detects a “troublemaker,” they confuse and ridicule him or her into docile conformity to become like the other broken ones.

When knowledge leads to understanding, a true American individual is born. The role of the educator decreases because the light of understanding takes the student the rest of the way through life, displacing the dependency upon authority.

"Patient endurance heals the past, prevents the same future, protects the innocent, validates, and raises up the good in the broken."

Understanding is knowledge made alive, freeing the mind from chains of dry useless facts. Understanding leads to a life of endless discovery…filled with hope.

Have compassion for drug-addicted dyslexic rebels, for they once saw clearly. Forgive our confused teachers, two generations of dumbed-down parents, and Prozac-toting nurses, for they know not what they do.

They do now to innocent children what past generations allowed to happen to them. Time to wake up and stop the programmed madness.

Impatient authorities are compulsive violators of children’s souls. They do to other children what was done to them—even their own.

Suffering comes down to us through the generations. The villainy of the violator’s past projects into the victim’s future…into children who can only respond with the same enslaving “choices” of rebelling and conforming.

Resentment traps us into a bleak and depressing existence that nothing can cure except this simple truth that will set you free—repent and no longer resent. Knowing what cruel impatience has done to you, and lest you pass it on to the next generation, you must drop your frustrations toward your own broken teachers and parents.

Patient endurance heals the past, prevents the same future, protects the innocent, validates, and raises up the good in the broken. Such a love may yet save America.