The Journey of Self Destruction

Roy Masters from ‘Eat No Evil’

It simply does not pay to see food and sex as our “personal savior.” To do so sets into motion a devolution process, evidenced by our faulty relationships and the awakening of ever lower desires.

It is the way the prideful soul, thinking itself to be good, evolves the body of the beast. The soul, descending through layer upon layer of fleshly self as it wakens to his lust, in and beyond the female form, cries out to the original spirit, the essence, the nectar of the serpent, whose appeal to his pride set him on this downward path.

But the father of all prideful beings is the devil himself. If we carry this process to its ultimate conclusion, we will never know God, but we may discover the truth of our having cohabited with Satan in the spirit if we dare to look in the mirror of reality, where we will see that we have been transformed in his image.

Having spiritually cohabited with Satan, we have been made over in his imperfectly perfect image, and we are living in the “heaven” of his hell, having become “one” with the father of the netherworld.

Here, at the end of our prideful progression, we are free only from the truth. The ego of the carnal self, desperate to know itself as god,

requires woman to add something of her own concoction to the food she offers him, and to allow him the unqualified right to debase and ravage her body.

God has built into our internal guidance system provision for a change of course

Through the abuse of each other and food, we try to sustain the illusion that we are the lords of the universe, masters of all we survey. The carnal man, to maintain his illusion of supremacy, seeks ever “better” food and “better” women; and all the while, he is altering and degrading their value and purposes through his sick uses of them on his downward journey toward self-destruction.

The more we deny God to be god (always right, never wrong), the more deeply we will involve ourselves with the people, places, pleasures, and intrigues that will surely kill us in the end.

But, luckily for us, we do not have to die to know hell. After sating ourselves on so many of these forbidden delights, we do make contact with that loathsome reality beyond the natural senses, even though, in our rebellious state, wrong always looks right to us and right, wrong.

God has built into our internal guidance system provision for a change of course. Life is a journey up or down in terms of the values beyond

the material realm.

The soul stands between two dimensions and is allowed enough freedom of choice to “sin” itself into a corner, where it must repent and cry out, “God, what have I done?”