The Gravity of Creation

Roy Masters

Let me emphasize that within the boundary of the known universe, coexisting with us is this other dimension into which we cannot enter, unless we are spiritual beings who, of course, can exist in both places.

For spirit can enter into matter, but matter cannot enter into spirit.

That the spirit can enter into matter is witnessed by the soul of man, and the Spirit of God who quickens it. And the door to this spiritual dimension lies within our grasp just beyond the stillness of our souls.

And there it waits across the border of our flesh where only the noble and perfected souls can travel. Here we can live forever moving and having our being in a timeless way,

Part of you now, even as you read, bears witness to what I say here. Alas, this part is also being tugged in another direction, pulled down by the gravity of creation, the slavish obedience of our souls to the conditioning of sin.

You may measure how far you are from the eternal life by becoming aware of the “gravity pull” of your slavish reactions, your oversensitivity to stress, which represents your slavery to sin. The prideful soul does not have an affinity or yearning for God. It is not obedient to Him.

Together with its own “flesh,” it is attached to the love of the world—an affection for the creature rather than the Creator. It is thus doomed to remain in this dimension of time and space, fully identified with the body’s demise, and the final dissolution beyond.

Everywhere from the center to the curved horizon of the universe, this pre-time/timeless motion encompasses us. Imprisoned in our matter form we have an existence limited by time. We need to use this time wisely to find our timeless end at the beginning.

The entrance to this parallel universe, this Kingdom or Heaven, is within us all; it is the Alpha and Omega referred to in scripture. In the Gospel of Thomas, the disciples asked Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be.” Jesus said, “Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end?

For where the beginning is, there will be the end. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death.”

"We need to use this time wisely to find our timeless end at the beginning. "

Sitting in an armchair is about as slow as anyone can go in this life, and yet in the macrocosm, we are not only moving, but we are moving at tremendous velocity through space.

Without meditation seeking this stillness, we cannot slow down simply because any physical attempt toward slowness in any direction can only be a greater motion in the direction of timeless annihilation.

Only the repentant soul who has used this time on earth to shed the gravitational pull of sin is free to step across the inner void to eternal life.

Somewhere beyond the velocity of light there exists this leading edge of eternity.

Somewhere beyond the swirling pre-time arms of timeless motion is the parallel dimension, a universe in which spiritual beings move and have their eternal being, the center of which is the Light of God—the Light of creation, the Light of souls—the everpresent Shedder of eternal light upon the cosmos. God is omnipresent. He transcends the time/space continuum. He operates independently of the dimensions of length, height, width, and time.

Here in the everlasting Now, souls are eternally renewed in the light of the Eternal Son. Remember though, while this dimension—the universe and its inhabitants—came from a physical beginning through time and space, the way back to our Spiritual Beginner is within—full circle.

Those who find the stillness of their spirit are born of this light, and remolded through their minds from within. While their outer earthly bodies were in motion, their inner souls were being formed, shaped from this still, timeless realm; so at the dissolution of their earthly form, they step across to the other side, compatible with the light from which they were formed.

And one day those reborn of God shall return to this earth, reclothed in a new kind of covering—and for them, there will be no second death. For the final resting place of man is this earth, this emerald isle. And the home of God is man made in His image “Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Living God, and the Spirit dwelleth within?”