The False Faith of Feeling

Roy Masters from ‘The Secret Power of Words’

Once you have been seduced, a bond is established between you and the source of your corruption. Your corrupter’s mind projects into you and becomes your way of thinking.

Your corrupter’s spirit becomes your spirit; his way of believing becomes your way of believing, and you become suggestible. The serpent of knowledge becomes the guiding voice of the intellect.

It thinks through you, but you think it is you doing the thinking. (Don’t you often do foolish things, thinking you are doing right?) A man’s rationalizations egg him on to lust after a woman and make him think that if he doesn’t use her, “love,” and experience her, he will be denying life and missing something so vital to his existence that he might surely die.

Here, the intellect’s guiding voice lies again, and as long as a man believes the lie, his sensuous desires grow stronger. Pride is the spirit of hell in the beast that hell has created out of man.

It is the false faith behind all the hope and suffering of the damned. The intelligence of this evil world lives deeply buried in the sensual heart of man, guiding him stealthily toward its “heavenly” destruction.

Dear seeker, be not too dismayed at seeing that not all people are good at heart. Some are incorrigibly wicked; they live for nothing more than the pleasure they can suck from unwary souls.

Your corrupter’s mind projects into you and becomes your way of thinking.

The “powers that be” are ultra-sophisticated and super-confident; but the confidence and faith that these devils have in their own powers has no relation at all to the pure faith of the God-centered seeker. Their false faith is based entirely on their ability to cause doubt in you and pull you off your center of being.

You may feel that it’s only fair to lend them your eyes and ears for awhile and see what the world is like from their perspective. And before you know it, you’re hooked. The control of this planet has always been wielded by those who know how to undermine your faith through your

feelings, even your nobler feelings.

They know how to find your weakness and use it to their own advantage. Through doubting and responding emotionally, responding emotionally and doubting, we are changed into beasts of burden. Every day we live doubting ourselves in a living death.

Because faith is the bond between the believer and the source, we are bound over, created or re-created in the image of that source, existing in Life beyond life, or in death beyond living death, in obedience to the source of wickedness.

Man, as a creature of faith, must give himself up to some form of “knowing,” or cease to exist as a conscious being. One way or another, man’s faith is a bond of trust in a source, a god. We exist in a right way or a wrong way, and through the inclination of our soul, we manifest the chosen existence.

Respond with resentment or selfish use to the tiniest of temptations and see how quickly hell forms around you.