The Eternal Man

Roy Masters excerpted from the book 'Gravity Driven Universe'

In the order of creation, the same force (pre-time) which is the friction of time to the created world, now causes a friction within us all.

As it comes flowing up from within us as time-less love, we are given a chance to seek beyond the world we know.

Where the end of our spiritual journey is, there is also for us a new beginning.

We are to be the ultimate temple of God. Whereas God created the universe through time from the beginning—from the beginning also He entered the world by way of His most beloved expression—His only begotten Son who gave the world a new breed of man.

From the wellspring of the Father comes the eternal gift; He who gives us the life of time now also offers us the timeless life.

How can this be grasped? God is uniquely able to commune with mankind through the interior of our being.

Time is clear and tangible evidence of its own timeless root. Time is to the material creation what timelessness is to the spiritual.

Like the iceberg protruding above the surface of the ocean, time is extending out and flowing through the timeless realm into creation.

The timeless realm is the sinless, perfect parallel universe. All of us can share in this timeless universal characteristic, which already lies within us, waiting to unfold.

For we have a hand within a hand, a foot within a foot; we see as well as perceive; we hear as well as understand.

"Everywhere in physics is the evidence of Love. However, our pride resists confronting a greater Truth than our own..."

We choose hands of good or evil and things occur. With feet, we walk in the way that makes us subjects of the world or sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God within.

No Excuses

The universe is more than pure science; it is an awesome, overwhelming mathematical miracle—nothing becomes something—motion becomes matter.

And yet, we are told that this marvel is only a glimpse of what is to come. “The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those that love Him.”

Everywhere in physics is the evidence of Love. However, our pride resists confronting a greater Truth than our own, a greater Love than human love. When we mortals play God by living in and through our imaginations, we construct realities of our own, and science of our own.

It is His Science we must seek, both of the cosmos and of the heart. Nothing else works. God’s imaginings are not vain like ours—His Will is real.

The universe is made not without scientific basis (since He created science).

The process of creation has within it an underlying scientific order and sustaining principles all the way back to the pre-science beginning in the heart/mind of God. For although He created from a place we cannot see or understand, His Creation itself is understandable.

We have no excuse.