Perilous World Radio 12/13/23


Alan Masters hosts today's show; and asks if we are playing the Devil's game—a game based on lies, as opposed to being completely honest with ourselves, and living the life God created for us. Alan says he is living his own experiment: "Can I be honest with myself?"

In the Patriot Outreach segment, Founder and President Col. Tony Monaco and Master Sergeant Franco Webb speak about the over 150 attacks on our armed forces that have occurred since President Biden took office! The leadership of this country has placed us in an incredibly dangerous position, and it will take the grace of God and the courage of the American People to help us survive.

Alan says that we may see a "battle to end all battles," and that we need to wake up before it is too late. As President & CEO, he seeks (through the grace of God) to rebuild the Foundation of Understanding (FHU) and make it a truly noble cause once again.  Please donate to help our work, which in these "perilous times," is more important than ever. 


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