The Dark Side of 'Love'

Roy Masters from 'Adam and Eve Sindrome'

What people really mean is that they use and need too much and, for the sake of what they need, allow themselves to be used and abused.

Maybe you give your all under pressure and call your weakness love. A growing ego need to be stroked tends to make you supportive and spoils people to take advantage of you.

Weakness brings out cruelty in others, to which you must surrender your substance to keep the peace.

Unfortunately, that kind of giving or loving cannot work, as it is nothing more than a vampire-zombie relationship. The trouble is that we usually associate need with something good.

We think the same of those who give in to, or gratify, our needs. What we are really looking at here is a dark love, a strange compulsion of something in us to fulfill or to be fulfilled by kindred types.

The relationship between a creator and his creatures happens to be one of need. When corruption enters to displace our true Creator, the corrupter becomes the re-creator of our identity.

Now the re-creator must be supportive of his creation, which is to say he must answer the need of his creation; otherwise, they would cease to exist, and he could not love through them.

However, this support can be viewed in two ways—either as being a service to the creature purely or a worship of, and for, the re-creator by the creature in exchange for that lifegiving support—in other words, as the creator being worshiped by the creature or as the creator worshiping (supporting) the creature.

Looking at it from one point of view, it can seem as though the creator is actually serving his creature.

A corrupted person can look upon his supportive creator as a lesser being serving his pride and not see his own servitude for the sake of that fulfillment, which is (of course) the only thing the seducer re-creator sees.

The victim views the seducer as a lover supporting his king-size ego.

"the true (invisible) God rewards our need for truth with life,"

In reality, the re-creator feeds the deception that manifests itself in the corrupted as a need for re-creator reinforcement (support).

That growing need for the re-creator fulfills the corrupted’s own vampirish need to be needed—a demigodlike role. While the true (invisible) God rewards our need for truth with life, the false god of clay does the opposite.

He steals that life with lies, draining and crippling his creature into greater need.

Paradoxically, the victim is only too happy to experience this need, because the corruption that he craves is like a creation of his ego; it makes him feel loved, fulfilled, safe in his corrupted form.

The politics of tyranny always reward weakness with a Brownie button of approval, calling it goodness; and then to the wicked (those most like themselves), they may give dominion over the weak.

There is always an affinity (which passes for love) for anyone or anything that supports your growing greed needs.

You can lust after food, dope, drink, horse racing, or wild, wild women as though it were loving.

Do you see how many shades of (wrong) meaning there are for love?