The Business of Love

Roy Masters

False love is the greatest corrupter of mankind. It comforts and embraces him, even as it overwhelms his reason and robs him of his sensibilities. When you are loved in a phony way, you place your belief in that superloving being very much as you might believe in God. This love pulls you down at the very moment it is building you up with lies. From that moment you believe the lie, you cease to be your own person. You will have given power over your life to another, lower-life being. Worse, you will also have given over the authority to hypnotically suggest the terms of your existence, and you will be compelled to obey in exchange for approval. 

Such mind fusion and identity confusion often begins through an unusual and undue amount of praise offering. As your ego lowers itself to accept the seductive tribute, the control of your mind and emotions is immediately transferred to the loving manipulator, whose honesty and beauty at that moment appear to be the truth you are seeking, outshining reality. 

What you must beware (be aware) of at a time like this is an inherent weakness for ego food. Your unwillingness to see yourself as you are translates into a compulsive desire for approval. If your phony friends had real love for you, they would know the danger you face from the support you want from them. They would do everything in their power to bring you back to reality. Instead, they find food for their own egos through supplying the illusions you crave, in order that their own egos might feel powerful and secure. Unfortunately, they, too, become dependent on being believed—on being a better liar. So they learn to become more conniving to keep you falling in love. It presents a conflict of interest for them if they really help you, because the truth would free you and threaten their parasitical existence. 

It is possible to recognize the contrast between real and artificial love only if you have a deep, sincere commitment to God. Since it is by rejecting his light that we confound our senses, if instead we did absolutely nothing when the lie love presented itself, we would immediately differentiate between that which is real and that which is false. Deception exists only as a result of a specific ego need to reject reality. It may be difficult to believe that the lie you live is the result of selfishness which makes lies attractive and truth repulsive; that is why you are so easily deceived! 

Truth will have his way through you if there exists the smallest yearning. Ego self-deception requires rebellion and the giving up of all our energy. The moment you are willing to stop and look, to stop feeding the illusion, the moment you hold still for a split second, the chain of command and energy transference is broken and all love-hate illusions crumble. 

So it comes to pass that we can only succeed in rejecting God and his life in us by our conscious desire to become unconscious of his word. But as soon as you are willing to give up your selfish willfulness, His light instantly reverses your illusions, and your perceptions instantly begin to change. There is then a clarity of seeing that outlines all evil intentions and naturally causes you to reject the sort of love or truth which raises you in a flattering light. 

The other love source assists your rebellion against the truth in your heart, and it does that by overwhelming your soul with unearned praise, flattery, and superficial kindness and generosity, as if to convince you that you are a very important being—and so, your ego becomes addicted to deception. 

The temptation here is to move in the direction of glory, when just the opposite is true. The catch is that in order to continue feeding this illusion, you must enslave yourself to the source. You may have escaped one master (the truth) only to become entangled with another. There are no such things as freedom and being your own person. You must serve either God or the devil. 

The need for recognition is the most basic and dangerous quirk of human nature. Deep down, we all have a secret delusion that we are God, if only someone would acknowledge us. This cherished hope leads us to spend our entire lives seeking our “rightful” place above other mere mortals. Since everyone else in the world also has this need, we run into a lot of competition, deception, and vicious rivalry along the path to mutual destruction.

Everywhere we see people playing ego games, putting one another on, putting others down in order to build themselves up, bettering themselves by their comparison. False love is a form of corruption and degradation which all victims revel in, because they really believe that good is happening. That is why we find ourselves surrounded by a great deal of cunning and cruelty. Phony love is very big business. You can have anything you want through it, if you are a convincing liar. You could own the world if you were good enough at it. 

If you respond with resentment to rejection, you experience an increasing feeling of unworthiness, and this in turn makes you crave more deeply the feeling of worth that comes from a lie lover. Your own resentment actually separates you further from God, who is life. It is this truth that makes you feel unworthy, and it is this truth which is repeatedly rejected through lying love. Growing need can also make us feel people are holding out on us. When you are caught in this cycle, you literally sell your soul for a hug or comforting word. And when you are betrayed, resentment (which intensifies the need for love) is experienced. 

Out of the inferiority that appears from love and hate, out of the guilt which assails you when your life energies are drained, arises the need to initiate love for others. It is possible to compensate on the surface for deep-seated feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that others have laid on you. 

The more guilt you feel, the more powerful your flowery pretense of love for others can become and here you can discover how to be the deceiver. People respond eagerly to your show of love, becoming so dependent upon it that they will do almost anything to ensure the perpetuation of false ego feelings of security. In this way, you may gain the desperately needed recognition of yourself as God, with actual (not illusory) power, simply by recognizing and cooperating with the need to be worshiped. 

The only love most people have ever known is the feeling that is awakened in the presence of deception and wickedness. By making them feel alive and good about themselves, it can seem to you as though you have at last found the true meaning of your existence. But you are in danger of becoming a tyrant—a monster. Your victims draw from you a lying spirit. In exchange they give you their energy, their service—their very lives. 

At this point you become as dependent upon lying as your victims have become upon being lied to. If you tell the truth and otherwise hold back emotional support, the entire world you have built up on phony love collapses. Sensing the danger compels you to discover, to dredge up, new ways to cripple your helpless victim and, with cruelty and rejection, make them need and want you. 

But the lover is never free from the recipient of love; both of you are chained together in your private hells. As each participant becomes aware of his mutual enslavement, a terrible resentment springs up and evolves between you. This resentment may serve to distract or be used to intensify any enjoyment of love; either way, you both lose sight of your failings as you sink into intrigue. The love-love, love-hate intrigue fills the emptiness of your being with a constant distraction and activity that resemble life and meaning. 

When someone believes in you, it helps you to believe in yourself. It’s only natural to trust those who understand your selfish ego need for love. Everyone who wishes to exist selfishly needs that special someone to help him feel special in that special way—oblivious to folly and guilt! When this foolish yearning is fertilized by contact with a phony lover, a sense of worth begins to grow, rooted in the tyranny of evil. Our friendly fiend also knows how to put you on to keep you down, to grind you into the ground for fear that your loving service will put him back in the original role of servant and, hence, victim. 

So, through cruelty and violence they prevent you from loving, from seducing them from power. This is the love-hate thing that follows throughout our wretched lives. As much as our pride swells with the food of false love, so does it also manifest the extent of our sin; that is to say, the further we depart from reality, the more aware we become of our madness—but our hearts are hardened and we again and again reject the internal correction (true love) through external love. 

To every egotist, the lie always seems to be genuine, while truth is viewed with suspicion as cruel and uncaring, simply because it shatters the glory he cherishes. So, it comes to pass that the egotist begins to respond to external truth just the way he does secretly to his own conscience, rejecting true friends and welcoming enemies as friends. It is a very difficult lesson to learn to be grateful for truth in all its illumination harshness, rather than the traitorous warmth of fiends. 

“there is a right way to love, to serve, to raise up human consciousness

to its potential”

How long will it take you to see that love lies? If you could see your pathetic, unprincipled, selfish self objectively, you would see that you do not merit any respect, only contempt. Any person who can hold his nose and respect you in your unregenerate condition has to be a liar—or changed into one and then accepted for accepting you. Parents do this sort of thing to their children by expecting respect.

No wonder people take advantage and use you. No wonder you are always more depressed and hopeless. As I have said, love, while appearing to give, takes, leaving you ever more desolate, confused, and resentful. Love robbed you of the very things it promised to give! Your lover (user) has always walked away more powerful, more superior, more beautiful—and you became more drained, wretched, weak, inferior, and unworthy. Please God, you will now awaken to the awful truth that lovers are betrayers and users. If you don’t presently know how to stop from being used, it is only because your ego is still committed to selfishness and the lying love that is the evil catalyst of having (and being had). 

Basically, it is your own inherent weakness, carried forward from infancy, which betrays you—that part of you which desires to see itself as a great and wonderful god. Your need to be worshiped instead of doing worship (of your divine Creator) is the magnet that has summoned up the enslaving servant from out of the pit of souls. Blaming, resenting that person who does the worshiping is no answer. Remember that the guilt produced by hating makes you crave love more intensely, even the very person you hate. 

The only love with which a selfish, sinful, hateful, guilty person is compatible is of the false variety, with its power to help us believe in the goodness of a self gone wrong. All egos are fascinated with the deceptive power of evil. Being fooled is fun. One enjoys being fooled by the magician and the seductive vocalist. You may sense you are being had, but you like the feeling. Deception captivates your attention and keeps it safe and secure from coming face-to-face with conscience. Lying and being lied to have become essential ingredients to your ego survival apart from God, as God. 

Too much false loving can actually cause a man to feel so inferior that it can appear sometimes that his wife is too good for him. This can eventually make him resentful and impotent. 

To get away from loving tyranny is difficult, because it is hard to prove the fault; so he convinces himself that he doesn’t deserve her and can never measure up to the illusions she projects. And so he makes a noble excuse for his next sin of pride: out he goes to find a slut who (he thinks) is more appropriately supportive of his station, but it’s happening all over again. He has forgotten that before his wife became superior to him, she was his worshiper. Remember the rule: Put someone on a pedestal and he will surely urinate on you. 

Love degrades in so many mysterious ways that it invariably drives a man to violence. As soon as he gets the love he craves through violent means, he again feels more degraded than the woman he degraded, and that angers him to again inflict horrible cruelty on his partner, forcing her to service his ego without the pretense of love. But either way, service or servitude degrades him below the station of the woman, and it drives him wild. 

Before the time of true love and grace, a woman gives a man she seduces from power just two choices: to become a wimp or to become violent to keep her from dominating him. 

Women tend to bring men down with love, but men generally do it with violence. Of course, the wimplike man can learn seduction from the woman, and with the roles reversed, it is the female who becomes the violent, rebellious personality. 

Just as men are seduced by false love, in exactly the same fashion does bureaucratic tyranny seduce the masses. The downfall of a nation is but a variation of the horrors to be found in the home—a visible outgrowth of internal decadence. 

In America the art of deceitful love is reaching the peak of its development. We are now reaping the devastation that results from deceitful, seductive bureaucratic policies. We are devolving downward through an era of personalities, entertainers, and politicians. Liberals pride themselves on their empathy for their underprivileged fellow creatures and shower them with entitlement programs such as food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and “free” (state) education. 

Little do we (or are we willing to) know the harm being perpetrated upon the so-called underprivileged because working society is called upon to make sacrifices to provide for the spoiling. Political love is causing our mutual destruction. The poor Americans are being used by politicians in their lust for power. 

The bleeding heart is responsible for the decline of all democracies and great societies, because this sympathy is a friend of only everything that is wrong and vile in human nature. This love is an enemy of good. Remember the words of the Scripture: The love of the world makes you an enemy of God. Violence and depravity being the natural outgrowth of degrading love, rebellion blossoms into crime and eventually overcomes the phony system and replaces it with dictatorship and overt tyranny, with class respect going only to the most violent and ruthless. 

Because male liberals are mostly women in men’s bodies, they must operate craftily, interpreting every human need (which they cultivate in the same way as women do) as a civil right or entitlement. Like the ancient Serpent, such politicians are the ultimate embodiment of evil (sympathy), literally building palaces for welfare queens and kings on the ruins of civilization. 

The impulse to liberate mankind from the consequences of his common failing is the same as that which made man fail. Politicians have adapted this theme in their quest for power, serving a need so as to become master of the greedy needy. So, you see, there definitely is a kind of love that causes men to fail and keeps them failing and which keeps on coming to the rescue. 

Who can resist the appeals of the spoiler or degrader? False sympathy is both ego-elevating and degrading at the same time. Each high is the new spiritual low where mischief enters. The emotional high is where you are actually robbed of dignity, self-respect, self-reliance, and independence—the very things you thought you were getting. Having been separated from the light, there evolves in you the nature of the deceiver, which cannot stand the light of truth. Remember well the three Ds of degradation: debility, dependence, and dread! 

If I were the devil, I would cultivate, encourage, coddle, and accept all the very worst qualities of so-called human nature, thereby enslaving man to me. This loathsome empathy is the most basic and diabolical of all sin offerings; indeed, it is the very core of evil. The worst sins are not murder, torture, homosexuality, rape, wife beating, or any other violence; they all derive from a more basic and heinous evil seed—forbidden love—originating through, but not limited to, the female form. False love is the matrix, the breeding ground, of all other horrors, of every imaginable hell on earth. 

The greatest deception perpetrated upon the human race is the myth of woman’s love. The cure it offers for ills it creates compounds the initial disease, simply because the cure is the cause, the very source of disease! Putting all one’s faith in mere mortals (authorities), worshiping other gods before God, is the Original Sin, and how mankind revels in it. Multiply the Adam and Eve sindrome by two billion couples, and there you have the formula for global slavery and disaster! 

Look deeply into the principle of serving in order to ruin and rule. Love a man’s weakness until he is either a wimp or is driven to find strength in brutality. Then yield to the brutality until it becomes an irresponsible beast taking its pleasure where it can; in rape, murder, drugs, drink—all those “loves” leading inexorably to unconsciousness and finally the oblivion of death. 

Phony love is the main cause of violence. It is the primary cause of big-city desolation—psychotic poverty in a land of abundance and great spiritual wealth. 

Bear in mind that there is a right way to love, to serve, to raise up human consciousness to its potential. I have emphasized the phony side of the force to confirm what you have already suspected, so now protect yourself against it. Believe me, if you can see it for what it is, why would you want “love” anymore? 

Gentlemen, do you remember noticing something odd about your wife in the first few months of marriage? Do you recall getting a glimpse of a subtle horror before it hit you? Did a strange, unspoken message fit across to you, identifying that potential evil? Did you see it like a glistening strand of spider’s silk, reflecting sunlight for a brief moment before it was gone? The message was: I’ve got you in my grasp now, and I am going to destroy you. 

You certainly didn’t get married for love, for support. But you put her on a pedestal so that she would worship you in return, and because of that, you have come under a curse. 

Men are fools for love. They demand only the dishonest kind and don’t let their women be true friends. That scares them, for honesty and purity neutralize the will to power. Dishonest love is sexually arousing—a drug to the conscience—anesthetic to the soul. This love is such a perfect deception because it agrees perfectly with all that is wrong with us. That is why it is very difficult to see love as the true source of our misery. Few suspect love; she is the enemy within our midst. The world sings her praises, we glorify her in poetry, oblivious to the fact that we are honoring evil.

If a man loves a woman more than God—which is to say, he puts his own selfish feelings for her before what is wise and sensible—then he is done for. It is only a matter of time. 

A man must bring a woman back to reason. He must never allow himself to be confused by her. It is one or the other; either she surrenders to his enlightened reason, or he surrenders to her confusing love and logic. It’s a woman’s lot to stress a man’s soul to the limit, seeing that flash point where a man either gives in or stands firm and tall on principle. 

Woman provides the “bad” stress for man to awaken and grow or to die. And man provides stress for a woman to reject, and thus to die, or to yield, and thus to live. It is God’s plan—his perfect justice; for if the woman submits to a man’s good stress, she becomes corrected—saved from the heritage of sin—and both live unto God. 

But if man submits to her spirit and accepts her love, both will die. You may now choose. 


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