Perilous World Radio 02/05/24

The Blame Game

At what point in our lives do we stop blaming everybody for

our problems and take responsibility for ourselves?   Alan opens with this question that most of us, if not all, can relate to.  Alan

welcomes a special guest and friend on today's show, Dr. Owen Martin. 

 Today, these gentlemen will discuss our responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and our lives. Dr. Martin states, “What matters in life? Am I living a life that matters?”  Living solely based on reflexes can be beneficial in emergencies as it can save your life. However, if you rely exclusively on your reflexes to make decisions in life, it would be like driving your car on autopilot. If you did that down the road, you would hit the guardrail on one side and swerve to the other side, putting yourself in danger. Therefore, it's important not to always rely on your reflexes and

instead, make conscious and informed decisions in life.

As today's episode ends, Alan throws the ultimate question, "When do we take responsibility for who we are today? I guess a better way of saying it is not to be who our parents wanted us to be, who we felt pressure to be, or even the version of ourselves we copied and pasted from others. Instead, we need to ask ourselves who we truly want to be. What is our why? What is our purpose? What do we want?"

Join us tomorrow for more insight as Alan continues his path

to self-discovery in his new role in life and in the foundation.  And be sure to check out Roy Masters' "Be Still and Know" meditation exercise if you seek more clarity and peace of mind. It's amazing!


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