Perilous World Radio 01/22/24

The BIG Questions About Prayer

Alan and Jan Masters discuss Alan's most recent show, Cotton Candy Prayers, in which Alan wrestled with his role when people approached him asking for prayers for themself or a loved one.

He and Jan dive deep into the nature of prayer, including what occurs when someone requests you, and something about it doesn't sit well. But prayer is examined from multiple angles today. Alan firmly believes that we fail God if we don't seek understanding about something as important as prayer.

Artificial intelligence as related to the mega-corporation Blackrock is also discussed today. Could the Antichrist be AI and NOT a man? Jan points out a contrast between Artificial Intelligence and Authentic Intelligence (from God). Are you seeking knowledge or understanding?

During today's show, Alan referenced his father Roy Masters' many pamphlets he wrote about life's most important subjects, such as suffering. They are available for download via the links provided. Check them out—they'll blow you away! 

If you want to live a life with more clarity, meaning, and peace, then check out the "Be Still and Know" meditation exercise, as taught by Roy Masters. 


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