Perilous World Radio 02/09/24

The Assignment

Alan Masters and his co-host Mike Jones warmly welcome the audience to the Perilous World Radio show. Yesterday’s eventful day, which included an interview with Putin and a Supreme Court decision that could possibly end democracy, are a few of today's hot topics. Mike shared some interesting news. He mentioned that Colorado has decided to take Trump off the ballot, citing him as an insurrectionist, even though he has not been convicted of it. “It seems like they are jumping the gun.” We have yet to wait for the Supreme Court's decision. Regarding the interview with Putin, you can visit to watch the full interview


Alan switches topics in the last few segments and exclaims that we, as human beings, are very complicated and complex creatures. He goes on to say that we often come to a point where we destroy our own lives while putting the blame on others. However, ultimately, we play the hand that we are dealt with and have the choice to either play it, fold it or sit it out. What's the reason behind all of this? It's salvation! The Lord gives us an assignment and tells us to go into the world and deliver His message. Learning to love one another like how God loves us. We get caught up in the world, and in our minds, we forget our assignment. Be Still and Know, says Alan.

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