Terrorist Mind Games

Roy Masters

Childhood spoiling and trauma-conditioning set the stage for a life of domination by terrorist personalities.The cruel parent or spouse is most likely the same one who quickly assumes a pleasant “loving face” and soothes away the pain they inflicted. You cannot escape from such personal terror by looking back to them or to others for sympathy and love. What will rise to the occasion is just another terrorist, usually posing as a sympathetic friend.

Your life of debility, dependency and dread began from a sequence of cruelties and comforts. It could have started with a spoiling grandmother or parent, whose surface kindness masked a guarantee of pain if you displeased them.

Hopefully, through suffering, you will learn how to discern between those who truly want to help you to be independent, and those who will weaken you into a dependency and then help themselves to you.

Until then, your bullied or spoiled victim-status will continue to send out cries of distress, as a wounded fish to sharks. It is the same with human predation; your programmed emotional and mental wounds cry for help and draw to you parasitic personalities as if you had crooned sweetly for their presence.

Childhood manipulations, whether by way of cruelty or spoiling, set you up to be rescued by personal, religious and political fiends. Beware of those familiar family spirits in the disguise of friends and politicians.

“Only God, through Christ,

can save you”

They elect themselves as powers over you through their debilitating fatherly or motherly sympathies and entitlements craved by you in childhood.

I learned over forty years ago how a simple gift can be debilitating. A friend, out of genuine kindness, gave me a gold pen. The next day I was surprised to find that I could not say no to him — I quickly connected the dots and solved the mystery.

The problem was not with him you see, it was that I was not mature enough to receive such kindness without becoming beholden to the giver. Such dependency is amplified by terrible insecurities, fears and a sense of worthlessness established in childhood.

Childhood trauma-conditioning works like this: The war between your mom and dad has reached its violent emotional peak. Dad has gone off with another woman. For weeks on end, mother takes out her frustration on you to the point of lunatic screaming, blaming you for everything. Unable to take any more of the violence, you break down sobbing. “I can’t take it any more. I’ll do anything — please, please.” In that moment, your mother’s contorted face suddenly changes from a demonic fiend into a compassionate friend.

The violence stops and you find yourself embraced by the sweetest love you ever tasted. This was the crippling moment of lost innocence and where you became a sacrificial lamb to terrorists.

The unholy one consumes and displaces the holy child within. The implanted identity then cries out for the nurturing love of dark-natured re-creator parent substitutes. Pity the children of Islamic terrorists. There is no escape for them. 

Now, a dependent born-again changeling is in the driver’s seat, compelling you into a life of infernal servitude. This is the reverse of the Christian death of ego and the born-again experience of God’s saving embrace.

Only God, through Christ, can save you from a beastly alliance. Freedom awaits you; be still and moment-by-moment let go of all those parent-authority resentments. Finally, watch that you do not look to any person for sympathy and love.